World Resilience NEWS

Volcanic Eruption Could Lead To Worldwide Devastation, Warn Scientists

Scientists have alleged that the world must start preparing for a volcanic eruption that could devastate mankind. According to the Daily Mail, employees at the European Science Foundation have even estimated that there is a 5-10 percent chance that a large eruption from a volcano could occur by the end of the century. If the most extreme catastrophe did occur, then it has been estimated that it could send the human race back to an era before pre-civilization. Scientists and experts believe that the issue is so prevalent that $3 billion a year should be spent monitoring and examining the activity in volcanos…


Poet Crystal Williams on resilience and personal growth

“The poem is about resilience, acknowledging the turmoil around us and is about, ultimately, finding a more enlightened way of considering our failings, challenges, and opportunities for growth.”…


California’s Worst Drought in History: The Breakdown

califonian droughtThe last three years have left California facing a historic drought. This month, California Governor Jerry Brown issued an unprecedented mandate: Californians must reduce water use by 25%—or the state may face dire consequences. What factors are contributing to this drought?…


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