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The New Era of Resilience Engineering

Safety performance in many companies and industries has stalled in the past decade. Incident rates are at a plateau and, yet, serious incident and fatality rates are not. In more dramatic cases, such as in the BP Texas City refinery disaster, organizations can suddenly experience a catastrophic or multifatality event…


meQuilibrium raises $9M for program to give employees more effective stress coping skills

A digital health business that has developed a way to counter the widespread problem of stress in the workplace has closed a Series B round that raised $9 million to increase sales and support product development for meQuilibrium, according to a company statement. Safeguard Scientifics led the round and Chrysalis Ventures also participated in the round, alongside other investors. Dr. Gary Kurtzman, Safeguard’s managing director for healthcare will get a seat on meQulibrium’s board of directors…


Assessing Resilience Planning: Is the City Preparing Smartly for the Rising Risks of Climate Change?

Rooftop greenery is part of the plan (photo: PlaNYC via flickr)
Rooftop greenery is part of the plan (photo: PlaNYC via flickr)

At one of many such meetings now taking place throughout the city’s waterfront, residents of Red Hook, Brooklyn, gathered recently at a local community center to hear about the dramatic expansion of federal flood zones in their area and what the new designation would cost them. As in other coastal neighborhoods, Red Hook struggles with a variety of flooding-related issues. Area homes, businesses and public housing developments suffered heavy damage from a five-foot storm surge during Superstorm Sandy. Red Hook also has long-term stormwater drainage problems…


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