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Here Comes the Chief Resilience Officer

Our rapidly urbanising cities are, in her view, creating a new level of vulnerability due to growing populations and increased density. Her recently released book, The Resilience Dividend, opens with her account of Superstorm Sandy and the night it wreaked havoc on New York City and the other communities in its path…


Philippines tops 2014 resilience index

The Philippines emerged as the most resilient to external shocks among 21 emerging markets ranked by a US-based think-tank. In a note titled “Emerging Market Macroeconomic Resilience to External Shocks”, the Center for Global Development (CGD) said the Philippines vastly improved its rating in the research group’s resilience indicator, reflecting its ability to continue to withstand financial pressures without affecting its stability. The Philippines jumped six notches higher from seventh place to top the CDG’s 2014 resilience index, a measure that gauges how indebted an emerging market is, how reliant it is on foreign funding and how it is likely to fare in the event of a global economic slowdown. In the case of the Philippines, a notable factor for the big jump in its rating was its declining external debt to GDP ratio following the Asian currency crisis…


The Resilient Citizen

bounceIn this contribution, the term resilience has to be viewed in the context of a natural or human made disaster. Disaster is a situation where things get out of control, where the state, the administration, logistics and infrastructure are hurt in such a way that individuals must seek their own survival strategies. (1) Much has been said and written about resilience recently and most of it refers to the resilience of communities or infrastructures. Whereas resilience of an individual or individuals is often included in the resilience definitions, little material is available in the literature on this particular subject…


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