World Resilience NEWS

atlanticHardening Against Disaster by Going Digital

When tropical storm Irene wiped out a month’s worth of timber sales, Vermont logger Carl Russell, who lives off the grid, responded by going digital. Russell is a sustainable logger and forestry consultant in Bethel, Vermont. In August 2011, Irene washed away approximately 25,000 board feet of timber he had hauled from the woods and stacked by the road. Russell contacted the Vermont Digital Economy Project, which helped him acquire an iPad and use it to collect data, manage his logging plan, present information to clients and connect with other loggers…


Strong People, Strong Cities

Among those who study cities, “resilience” has become a hot topic, in part because of a major push from the left-leaning Rockefeller Foundation. This association with the Left, and with climate-change rhetoric, may prompt eye-rolls from some conservatives. But conservatism has its own emerging concept of resilience…


Devastating Floods Hit Northern Chile

Unusually heavy thunderstorms brought torrential rainfall to northern Chile’s Atacama desert last week, flooding one of the driest regions in the world. Flash floods swept down valleys, cutting off villages, destroying structures, and carrying vehicles for miles. According to Reuters, Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet says it will cost at least $1.5 billion to repair the damages caused by the flooding and mudslides that left a toll of over two dozen people dead and nearly another 140 missing. The following photos are of the flooding in several small towns, and the aftermath, as the region gradually returns to normal…


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