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The Lost Children of Katrina

A decade after the hurricane, New Orleans' community grapples with the effects of missed schooling and mass displacement.

A decade after the hurricane, New Orleans’ community grapples with the effects of missed schooling and mass displacement.

Ten years ago, the Lee family evacuated from New Orleans to a Houston neighborhood so rife with hostility for evacuees that the ice-cream truck refused to stop for them. At the corner store, the clerk threw their money back rather than serve them. Peers called them “refugees,” as if they weren’t from this country, and suggested they “swim home” to New Orleans rather than burden Houston, said Devante Lee, who was 11 when Hurricane Katrina hit…


Emerging Markets ‘Resilience Indicator’ Reveals Which Countries Are Prepared For Financial Crisis

Argentina, Brazil and Chile are setting themselves up for disaster. So says an economist who has devised a way to gauge an emerging country’s ability to survive a global financial crisis. “Conditions in the period before the eruption of an adverse external shock are central in determining the resilience of an emerging market economy to the shock,” writes Liliana Rojas-Suarez, a researcher at the Center for Global Development, in a recent paper on the subject. “In 2007, an analyst studying a few variables in emerging markets would have been able to predict, with high accuracy, the relative economic and financial resilience of these countries to the global financial crisis.”…


Political accusations fly over record Californian drought

A record drought in California is under the political spotlight, with a likely Republican presidential contender hitting out at environmentalists. Carly Fiorina has reacted to unprecedented water restrictions announced last week by the governor of the state, Democrat Jerry Brown. Fiorina calls the drought a “man-made disaster”, caused by what she calls liberal environmentalists who have blocked the building of a new reservoir, as well as water conveyance systems. She claims 70 percent of California’s rainfall is going to waste. New restrictions aim to reduce water use by 25 percent…




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