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Australia: Applications open for the 2015 APEC prize for young scientists in disaster resilience

Young scientists dedicated to improving disaster resilience in our region will gain much deserved recognition through the APEC Science Prize for Innovation, Research and Education (ASPIRE). Since 2011, the annual ASPIRE award has recognised young scientists who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in scientific research and cooperation with scientists across APEC economies…


Ex-Typhoon Maysak: Seven people dead during Easter Week celebrations in Philippines

Maysak picSeven people have died and 26 have been injured in the mostly Catholic Philippines during the celebration of Easter Week, as former super typhoon Maysak hits the north-east of the country. Philippines authorities would not associate the Easter Week deaths, mostly from drowning, to the onslaught of tropical cyclone Maysak, saying they were still gathering information from affected areas…


Tanzania steps up efforts to manage surge in disasters

In the face of a growing threat from extreme weather, Tanzania’s parliament has adopted a law to help authorities cope with emergencies and shield vulnerable communities from disaster risks. The new legislation, which tries to bridge gaps in the country’s ability to deal with both natural and human-made disasters, creates a new agency to manage disasters. The Disaster Management Agency (DMA) will oversee efforts to prevent damage and deal with the impacts of floods, drought, hail, storms and hunger, as well as managing the stocking of supplies to aid effective response…



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