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NASA Has Some Scary Images Of Super Typhoon Maysak

NASA Has Some Scary Images Of Super Typhoon Maysak

Students learn about resilience

No challenge is too big for D.J. Cunningham. Cunningham spoke about resiliency and overcoming a learning disability at a student forum held at Holy Family Catholic School on March 12. The student forum is held by the St. Clair Catholic School Board every year to help garner input into the board’s annual accessibility plan. Cunningham, who was diagnosed with a learning disability in Grade 4, struggled in school due to his learning disability. After high school he moved into the Canadian military, where he achieved success. Cunningham said it’s due to the different learning styles the military uses to get their messages across…


A Roadmap for Resilient Infrastructure Investment

Cities are built around silos. Water treatment plants are handled by the water utility; roads and bridges fall to the department of transportation; power grids are maintained by electric companies. Under this system, there are some major gaps–needs at the seams of sectors can go unmet, failures in one area can domino into another–but, more importantly, opportunities to make our communities stronger and more resilient can go unrecognized when no one is looking at the big picture…


Natural disasters

Some 12,700 people died as a result of natural or man-made disasters last year, the lowest number since 1986, according to Swiss Re, an insurer. Pay-outs from insurance companies fell by a fifth to $35 billion. But the number of natural disasters rose, as thunderstorms caused damage in America and Europe. This is a continuation of a trend. Insured losses from storms have grown by an average of 9% a year since 1990. Rich countries dominate the list of highest insured losses in 2014, in part…



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