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Italian Village Gets 8 Feet Of Snow In 24 Hours, May Break Global Record

snow in italySnow news is good news, unless you live in Capracotta. The Italian village may have just set a record for the most snow ever to fall in 24 hours. A storm on March 5 dumped just over 100.8 inches (or 8 feet, 4 inches) of snow there in 18 hours, reports the Italian weather website Meteoweb. The snowfall inundated the city and left some in the region without power and water…


Cyclone Pam: Vanuatu’s prime minister appeals for $29.9m to aid thousands displaced by storm

Vanuatu’s government has launched a flash appeal to help thousands of people in urgent need of humanitarian aid in the wake of Cyclone Pam. Jotham Napat, chairman of the National Disaster Management Committee (NDMC), said more than 166,000 people had been affected by the cyclone, with 110,000 left without access to safe drinking water. He told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat his country would need $US29.9 million to respond to the humanitarian crisis over the next three months…


February was one of the most extreme months in U.S. weather history

At least no one can accuse Mother Nature of being boring this February. To the east of the Rocky Mountains, one Arctic blast after another whipped through the streets of cities from Chicago to Bangor, Maine, and points in between with far below average temperatures and heavy snow…



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