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Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction Opens Today!!

Sendai UN conferenceOn 20 December 2013, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution to hold the 3rd World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction from 14 to 18 March 2015 in Sendai, Japan, outlining the modalities for the preparations of the 3rd World Conference…


Japan remembers the 18,000 victims of 2011’s triple disaster

People across Japan fell silent on Wednesday to remember the thousands of victims of the tsunami that wrecked its north-east coast four years ago. But remembrance services held in Tokyo and along the flattened coastline were tinged with frustration at the slow pace of rebuilding, with almost a quarter of a million people still displaced. More than 18,000 people died on 11 March 2011 after the strongest recorded earthquake in Japan’s history triggered a tsunami that laid waste to entire towns and villages and caused a triple meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant…


How Ricoh Returned 90,000 Photos to Victims of the 2011 Tsunami in Japan

RichoWhen Japan was devastated by the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011, countless families lost precious photos in their homes that washed away. In response, many organizations sprung up to recover, restore, and reunite photos with their owners. One company that launched a huge initiative was Ricoh. In the four years following the disaster, the company’s “Save the Memory” project found and cleaned 418,721 photos, returning 90,128 pictures to the people who lost them…


Fukushima nuclear disaster: three years on 120,000 evacuees remain uprooted

More than three years after Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster more than 120,000 people from the region are living in nuclear limbo with once close-knit families forced to live apart. Japan’s nuclear watchdog on Wednesday gave the green light for two nuclear reactors at Kyushu Electric Power’s Sendai plant in south-west Japan to restart, but communities are anxious over the safety aspects. The nuclear industry in Japan has been mothballed since the meltdown…




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