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Recovering Resilience: 7 Methods For Becoming Mentally Stronger

Stress affects people in all different ways – or at least, different people respond to it very differently. For some, it rolls off quickly, and they rebound in a reasonable amount of time. For others, it “sticks” and it takes much longer to recover, if ever. This is because people’s mental “resilience” varies enormously, which itself is based on both genes and environment. For people who aren’t so good at coping with stressors, it may be that they’ve never been particularly good at it—or it could be that they were once good, but the losses and blows of life have worn away their resilience over time. Luckily, it’s possible to build that skill back up…


The United Nations names City of Hoboken role model for resilience

A rendering of Hoboken’s Southwest Resiliency Park.

A rendering of Hoboken’s Southwest Resiliency Park.

The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction has designated the City of Hoboken as a Role Model City of the Making Cities Resilient campaign for its flood risk management practices, the city announced today. These include plans to retain over a million gallons of stormwater runoff through green infrastructure…


Jack McConnell: ‘disaster response, resilience and recovery’ should be included in UN development goals

On my second trip to Leyte in the Philippines in February, I was unsure what to expect. The island was the most affected by Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013 and on my first visit in February 2014, the population were still in shock. Beyond the main streets, debris still covered land and buildings. Huge shops thrown onto the beach at Tacloban were a reminder of the scale of the horror, and farmers were beginning to panic over the replacement of the 32 million coconut trees that were lost, and the need to feed their families and start to earn an income again…


Jamaica’s children the definition of resilience

The children I see in Jamaica today are passionate, strong, lively, enthusiastic, humorous and continually striving for success but under what difficult conditions and how many obstacles must they overcome? They prove themselves to be the definition of resilience, yet an elastic band can only be stretched and regain its shape thus far before it will break. Too many of our children are being broken. This then shows up later as teen pregnancy, drug use, suicide, violence and abuse…



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