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Tornado in Southern Germany Leaves 27 People Injured

BERLIN — Authorities said 27 people were injured on Monday afternoon when a tornado touched down and tore through a campsite in southern Germany. Among the injured were 16 children aged 10 to 13. The twister hit the campsite which is located in the Aalen area of Baden-Württemberg. Two huge tents owned by a local diocese were ripped up, while eight others were damaged. Trees were uprooted and five buildings had their roofs blown off. Authorities said there were about 100 people at the site, 27 of whom sustained injuries bad enough to require medical attention. A 10-year-old girl had to be airlifted to a hospital in Stuttgart due to a severe back injury. Five others also suffered serious injuries, mostly arm fractures. The estimated cost of damage inflicted by the tornado was pegged at €200,000. Meanwhile, those who survived the ordeal unscathed were attended to in a sports hall, where they received treatment for shock…


Distributed and Digital Disaster Response

Willow Brugh, known as willowbl00 works with Aspiration Technology, and as a professor of practice of Professor of Practice at Brown University. She’s also affiliated with the Center for Civic Media at MIT’s Media Lab, the New England Complex Systems Institute, and a fellow at Harvard Law’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society. She facilitates hackathons from Berlin to Chicago to Nairobi to the first hackathon ever IN Port-au-Prince, embedding technology with local communities through open source and codesign. Since founding both makerspaces and ways to link those community workshops to one another, she’s started working on long-term water sanitation projects in Tanzania with local innovation spaces, the World Bank, Red Cross, and Little Devices out of MIT…


The National Resilience Plan

The National Resilience Plan (NRP) was drafted by the Government of Jordan, in cooperation with donor bodies, UN, and NGOs and seeks to address the accumulating fiscal burden as a result of the Syrian crisis on the Kingdom. This plan includes a request to extend $4.295 billion to Jordan to support the implementation of priority projects in the education, health, energy, municipalities, water, housing and security sectors…


Resilience vital to curriculum

Co-curricular activities including music develop vital skill sets.  Photo: Supplied

Co-curricular activities including music develop vital skill sets. Photo: Supplied

Effective, challenging and enjoyable learning is the core of a good school. But good learning is not measured only by academic results. Good teachers know more potent learning is achieved when the right balance of academic, co-curricular, wellbeing, spiritual and community variables delivers an education mindful of the whole child. One area that demands our strong focus is the complexity of mental health issues for our young people. Greater awareness and acceptance of the school’s role in helping and reacting to sad and worried teenagers in trouble has helped, but the challenges remain…



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