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Businesses ‘failing to prepare for climate change’

Companies are failing to develop the resilience they will need to cope with climate change, say two business experts from The University of Queensland. Dr Martina Linnenluecke and Professor Andrew Griffiths of UQ Business School have spent 10 years working with businesses to develop climate change strategies…


Avalanches kill more than 300 in Afghanistan

Survivors of an avalanche get relief goods distributed by an Afghan army helicopter (Reuters)

Survivors of an avalanche get relief goods distributed by an Afghan army helicopter (Reuters)

The number of those killed by the avalanches and floods which submerged entire villages throughout northern Afghanistan has risen to 310, officials said on Monday. The Panjshir Valley, where 196 bodies have been recovered so far, was the worst hit, but snow slides and flash floods have caused death and destruction throughout northern Afghanistan over the last two weeks. Officials said there were more avalanches earlier on Monday in Panjshir Valley…


Build in resilience to simplify workloads with hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud offers benefits of hosted applications and offloading manual tasks but beware latency and outages in mission-critical functions. Hybrid cloud storage has evolved in recent years to become a deployment methodology that blends on-premises storage infrastructure with public and hosted cloud services…


Moral dimensions of natural calamities and disasters

Is swine flu another big wake up call for heart reviving, life refining and soul cleansing exercise? Is it normal to be anxious depressed or panicky. The answer to whether repeated natural calamities occurring in Kashmir is linked to environmental hazards or is a test from the Creator is not that simple. Environmentalists describe the death and damage as a man-made ecological disaster. Standing on the side of love of our faith in truth where do we stand, views on natural calamities may be little different you need to keep putting one foot in front of the other to find causes and cures on natural calamities…




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