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aboriginalleAboriginal legends an untapped record of natural history written in the stars

Aboriginal legends could offer a vast untapped record of natural history, including meteorite strikes, stretching back thousands of years, according to new UNSW research. Dr Duane Hamacher from the UNSW Indigenous Astronomy Group has uncovered evidence linking Aboriginal stories about meteor events with impact craters dating back some 4,700 years. Dr Hamacher, an astrophysicist studying Indigenous astronomy, examined meteorite accounts from Aboriginal communities across Australia to determine if they were linked to known meteoritic events…


PNG Government slack in responding to emergencies

PORT MORESBY: Opposition Leader Don Polye has slammed the government for being slack in responding to emergencies in the country. Mr Polye said this when he was abreast of deaths claimed by floods in Jiwaka province, properties and roads destroyed by natural disasters in the parts of other Highlands provinces and Natural Disaster office calling for relief funds and supplies from the government and corporate bodies. The government’s response to all types of emergencies and disasters has been appalling. Propers steps must be taken immediately to curb this national deficiency,” he said. He said the socio-economic effects of natural disasters were devastating and that the government’s inaction in addressing it should be condemned. He added that the alternative government when in power would isolate the National Disaster office from the Department of Inter-Governmental Relations…


Hazard researchers to participate in vulnerability, resilience center

An elite group of urban planning researchers from Texas A&M University have been selected to collaborate with scientists from 11 universities in a nationwide initiative aimed at helping communities prepare for and recover from natural disasters. This interdisciplinary team will collaborate through the newly established Community Resilience Center of Excellence to develop a set of user-friendly software tools to aid policy makers, planners or anyone with a need to reduce a community’s vulnerability and enhance its resilience to events like earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding and tornadoes…


Flooding, wildfires shake Argentina

The heaviest rain in decades pounded much of central and western Argentina on Tuesday, prompting evacuations, even as wildfires roared across much of the parched far south. Rain has been heaviest in the provinces of Cordoba, San Luis, Santiago del Estero and Santa Fe’s capital city of the same name, forecasters said. In the central-western region, “this is the worst weather disaster we have seen in the past 50 years,” said Cordoba governor Jose Manuel de la Sota. His province alone has seen at least seven people killed and 1,000 evacuated in the past two weeks. In San Luis province “there are families who have lost everything,” said Facundo Dominguez, mayor of Concaran. The southern Patagonia region, however, is dry and in some cases forests are ablaze…



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