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Watch a giant storm explosively intensify in the North Atlantic

Infrared satellite image of the sprawling, intense storm in the North Atlantic on Tuesday afternoon.

Infrared satellite image of the sprawling, intense storm in the North Atlantic on Tuesday afternoon.

The North Atlantic Ocean plays host to some of the strongest winter storms on Earth during the Northern Hemisphere’s cold season, and this week is no exception. A storm system that exited the U.S. over the weekend has deepened extremely rapidly off the coast of Newfoundland, and is destined to lash the southeastern Greenland coast as well as Iceland with strong winds and towering waves…


Listen to the Animals: Why did so many animals escape December’s tsunami?

Many animals escaped the great Asian tsunami on Boxing Day, 2004. Elephants in Sri Lanka and Sumatra moved to high ground before the giant waves struck; they did they same in Thailand, trumpeting before they did so. According to a villager in Bang Koey, Thailand, a herd of buffalo were grazing by the beach when they “suddenly lifted their heads and looked out to sea, ears standing upright.” They turned and stampeded up the hill, followed by bewildered villagers, whose lives were thereby saved. At Ao Sane beach, near Phuket, dogs ran up to the hill tops, and at Galle in Sri Lanka, dog owners were puzzled by the fact that their animals refused to go for their usual morning walk on the beach. In Cuddalore District in South India, buffaloes, goats and dogs escaped, and so did a nesting colony of flamingos that flew to higher ground. In the Andaman Islands “stone age” tribal groups moved away from the coast before the disaster, alerted by the behaviour of animals…


Snow-Encrusted Boston Looks Like A Post-Natural Disaster ‘Debris Event’

Slogging her way along the seven miles from her home in Newton to her office in Boston, Ozlem Ergun realized something. As an expert on debris, the condition of Boston looked familiar. “What happened this time is very unusual for a snow event, in the sense that it just kept snowing and the temperatures went [below] melting point so we’re just not seeing any melting,” said Ergun, an engineer whose research focuses on making systems work smoothly and efficiently. “So the snow event turned into something more similar to a debris event, where if the snow is not removed from the streets, the entire, kind of, the workings of the city have been paralyzed.”…


Building understanding of disaster through education

IN December last year, Malaysia was struck by massive floods in some states like Kelantan, Pahang, Terengganu and Perak. I believe that most Malaysians never thought that the floods could become such a big disaster. It has been reported that the floods caused a total of almost RM1 billion in damages to properties and infrastructure in the affected states…




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