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Natural Disaster Prompts Charleston to Create School for Rare Building Arts

rare builiding artsWhen your boiler breaks, you call a plumber. Damaged staircase, you call a carpenter. But who do you call when a Category 4 hurricane rips the roof off of your 18th-Century historical buildings? That was the problem faced by Charleston, South Carolina—the oldest city in that state—when Hurricane Hugo swept through it in 1989. Hugo “carried off nearly every roof in town, leaving homes and businesses to be flooded by torrential rain,” writes Citylab. As water began pouring into now-roofless structures built hundreds of years ago, damage figures soared into the billions…


Earthquake one day, Cyclone Marcia the next in Eidsvold

The mayor of Eidsvold – the little Burnett town hit by a 5.2-level earthquake on Monday and then a cyclone and 200mm of rain on Friday and Saturday – is smiling again today. Eidsvold has 459 residents, according to the latest census. “We’ve got blue sky, we’ve got sunshine and we’ve got the dams all full,” North Burnett Council’s mayor Don Waugh said on Sunday morning…


Peru: One of the most vulnerable countries to natural disasters

Peru has a vast range of diverse environments and as well one of the most vulnerable populations in the world to natural disasters. The government has been increasingly preparing plans of mitigation and adaptation in the event of natural disasters. According to data collected by the National Emergency Operations Center (COEN), natural phenomenon have resulted in 6,344 victims and 77,534 affected people from the period Oct. 2014 to Feb. 2015…


What makes a resilient city?

Jonathan Andrews spoke with Michael Berkowitz, President of 100 Resilient Cities, about the importance for cities to invest in resiliency measures. You’ve been working with 100 Resilient Cities for just over a year now. What has surprised you the most in the role? There has been so much that’s surprising and notable about the last year. One may be just how much cities are eager to learn from each other. Now that our network of Chief Resilience Officers [100RC] is beginning to take shape, we’re seeing constant collaboration. And in our recent CRO summit in New Orleans, sparks were flying as these city leaders helped each other solve their city challenges…


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