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Cyclone Marcia: Independent investigation into Callide Dam flooding called

Photo: Water released from Callide Dam inundated hundreds of homes in central Queensland. (ABC News)

Photo: Water released from Callide Dam inundated hundreds of homes in central Queensland. (ABC News)

An independent investigation will be launched into the operation of the Callide Dam, which flooded downstream communities during Cyclone Marcia. Torrential rain on Friday night boosted the dam’s level to 90 per cent, triggering its automatic gates to open. More than 400 homes at Jambin and Biloela were inundated. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said an independent inspector would investigate the releases…


What Record-Breaking Snow Really Looks Like

In the past month, a series of snowstorms and Arctic weather fronts have brought bone-chilling temperatures and record-setting snowfall levels to the Northeastern United States. New England has been especially hard-hit, with parts of Massachusetts and Maine recording more than 100 inches of snow this season—90.2 inches falling in Boston in just the past 30 days. As residents continually dig out, they’ve run out of places to pile the snow, in some places pushing it into the ocean…


Transport plan revealed for Tokyo megaquake

The land ministry has officially announced a transportation plan, named “operation eight directions,” to be used in the event of an earthquake with a seismic center directly beneath the Tokyo metropolitan area. The plan will secure emergency routes in eight directions toward central Tokyo within 48 hours of the occurrence of such a quake. By linking expressways and main roads that have suffered less damage, the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry aims to open roads into the devastated center of Tokyo at the earliest opportunity, to assist rescue workers and for the transportation of necessities…


Women – the soft target of the natural disasters

Floods in Jammu and Kashmir had grabbed the attention of the entire nation but were soon pushed to the last pages of the newspapers and were then forgotten in the battle of the politics during the Assembly elections Similar was the case with the floods in Uttarakhand. Entire nation was in a shock till the time the news channels were broadcasting it every minute and newspapers were publishing the heart-wrenching pictures of stranded people caught between the landslides and the villages that were washed away…


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