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For the Yolngu, cyclone Lam is part of the ancient rhythm of Arnhem Land



Towns in the path of gathering cyclones are routinely reported to “brace” for their arrival. In north-east Arnhem Land, on the estimated route of tropical cyclone Lam, some people are certainly readying themselves in anticipation. Not least, those communities in Lam’s immediate path at Cape Wessel and Elcho Island are preparing for the worst damage that could be wrought by a category four storm. Those who have lived for a long time in this part of far northern Australia approach the prospect of cyclone without surprise or too much evident fear. It is part of a rhythm, a vital cycle, that the Yolngu people have lived through for tens of thousands of years…


Cyclone Marcia in pictures

Communities in central Queensland have been battered by category five Cyclone Marcia, with winds gusting close to 300 kilometres per hour. Below is a selection of the most dramatic images of the cyclone and the damage it has left in its wake…


Regulator calls for larger charities to test fraud resilience

The Charity Commission has urged larger charities to test their resilience against fraud with the help of a free self-assessment tool. The 29-question Self-Assessment Fraud Resilience (Safr) Tool, designed by accounting firm PKF Littlejohn, allows charities to establish how well they are protected against fraud. The tool aims to identify each charity’s understanding of the nature and cost of fraud as well as whether it has a strategy in place to address the problem and whether it has a counter-fraud structure that will help it implement its strategy…


Keeping You in the Loop

I was very concerned when I heard late last Thursday that a category 5 cyclone was heading straight for Yeppoon in central Queensland. I have a house there, on a ridge just two streets from Lammermoor Beach.   Category 5 cyclones have wind speeds in excess of 200 km/h, with strongest gusts exceeding 279 km/h. They typically leave a trail of absolute destruction…


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