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Special Update: Cyclone Lam and Cyclone Marcia


Cyclone Lam and Cyclone Marcia: Twin severe storms a ‘first’ for Australia

marcia and lam

Australia’s northern coasts are being battered by two severe tropical cyclones on Friday, the first time meteorologists have seen twin storms of such intensity making near-simultaneous landfall. Cyclone Lam crossed the Northern Territory coast about 20 kilometres east of the town of Milingimbi as a category 4 cyclone overnight, knocking out two wind monitors in the process. It has been downgraded to a category 3 as the storm moves inland. About 2000 kilometres to the south-east, Cyclone Marcia has now crossed the coast near Yeppoon, close to Rockhampton, on the central Queensland coast. The storm was rated as a category 5 cyclone, the highest ranking. Cyclone Marcia was downgraded to category 4 by the Bureau of Meteorology at its 11am briefing. While twin cyclones reaching Australia are uncommon, Friday’s combination may be the first involving storms of category 3 or higher, said Phil Perkins, a meteorologist with the Bureau of Meteorology in Darwin…



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