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Are you ready for a flood?

Floods have made an early appearance in the eastern part of our state, with flooding occurring in Phillips and Valley counties this month. Floods are among the most common and costly natural disasters — and they can happen anywhere…


With disruption overseas, more manufacturers are reshoring in U.S.

American manufacturing is “reshoring” statewide as companies that once outsourced their services overseas are now facing problems that affect their business. That’s according to Doug Butcher, senior vice president of industrial services for CBRE Group Inc. of Louisville. He was one of three speakers Friday morning at the Kentucky Economic Forum, held at the Brown & Williamson Club inside Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium by Crowe Horwath LLP, ADP LLC (NASDAQ: ADP) and Old National Bank (NASDAQ:ONB)…


Stocked trailers designed to help pets, owners stay together in disaster

New York City's first "mobile pet disaster relief trailer" is revealed outside a Westminster Week Dog Show Event at Pier 94 in Manhattan on February 14, 2015. (Credit: Anthony Lanzilote)

New York City’s first “mobile pet disaster relief trailer” is revealed outside a Westminster Week Dog Show Event at Pier 94 in Manhattan on February 14, 2015. (Credit: Anthony Lanzilote)

Trailers stocked with food, medical supplies and animal crates will be rolling out for the first time on Long Island and New York City to help keep displaced families and their pets together when natural disasters such as superstorm Sandy strike. Pat Cruz of the Long Island Ladies Kennel Club, which donated the $22,000 trailer, said: “When there is a disaster like Sandy or even a house fire,…


5 Natural Disaster Films That Make Guys Cry

For all the violence and war that cinema loves to glorify, it’s easy to forget that there are some movies where the massive death and destruction is in no way our fault. Sometimes Mother Nature just gets cranky and takes her mood out on us hapless humans. Mankind in general and guys specifically view themselves as mastering nature, and filmmakers know this. Even in the minds of climate change deniers, there’s a small worry that someday nature is going to get fed up with us and break bad. When that day comes, how we react to the disaster is the subject for a great many gripping films, many of which have very touching and tear-inducing moments…



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