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Disaster-prone communities should help plan infrastructure to weather storms

Disaster-prone communities should be involved in planning their infrastructure to help ensure basic services can weather storms, floods and other disasters, researchers said. Floods can contaminate drinking water with sewage, storms can knock down power lines and drought can shut down hydropower plants, the researchers, from six Asian countries, said at a meeting in Bangkok. Power outages can be critical at hospitals, and cause hardship in sectors like the fishing industry, which relies on refrigeration to keep its catch fresh, said Maarten Akkerman of GreenID, a Hanoi-based NGO focusing on sustainable energy…


Actifio Launches ‘Resiliency Cloud’ for Self-Service DR

The service is designed to replace the hodgepodge of data protection and management tools that can take root in midrange to large enterprises. Data management provider Actifio is building what it calls a “resiliency cloud” with a new product it launched Feb. 9. Actifio One is software as a service (SaaS) that provides businesses of any size with a fast way to make applications available when and where they need them—and in the case of an outage…


Lebanon: Strengthening the resilience of communities affected by violence

Tripoli, Lebanon’s second largest city, has been the scene of recurrent outbursts of armed violence between the marginalized communities of the Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen neighbourhoods. Since November 2014, the ICRC has launched several projects to help both communities to recover from long-standing cycles of poverty and violence and regain their dignity…


Bushfires are burning bright in Australian letters and life

Reading about the beauty and destruction of the bushfire may help us live alongside it. Jason Verwey

Reading about the beauty and destruction of the bushfire may help us live alongside it. Jason Verwey

Historically, bushfires have played an important role in Australian literature, adding a touch of exoticism in fiction written for readers back in Europe, while also offering insights into the dangers faced by settler communities. But how does that fit into our modern lives, and the trauma often visited upon by those with first-hand experience?…


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