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How renewables can come to the rescue in disaster zones

BuffaloGrid aims to enable mobile phones to be charged in off-grid locations. Photograph: BuffaloGrid

BuffaloGrid aims to enable mobile phones to be charged in off-grid locations. Photograph: BuffaloGrid

When people’s lives are thrown into chaos by war, famine or natural disaster, using renewable energy may not seem like an obvious response. However, a group of UK entrepreneurs believes that decentralised renewable energy could provide a cheap and immediate source of power to those who need it most. John Hingley, founder of Renovagen, a small company that has developed a lightweight roller solar panel designed to be deployed in war zones and remote locations, came up with the idea while travelling in Asia…


Floods in Bulgaria: Hundreds evacuated, costs mount

Bulgaria-floods-february-2015-604x272More than 200 people were evacuated from the village of Odrintsi in Bulgaria’s Dobrich region on February 3, a day after evacuations of several hundred people from four villages at the country’s Black Sea coast in the face of floods. Reports said that in the municipality of Satovcha alone, damage of more than 300 000 leva (about 150 000 euro) had been caused by the recent torrential rains. The deluges caused landslides in the villages of Pletena and Osina, leaving people without drinking water because of broken water mains…


New program to help keep disaster victims in Flagler County

When a natural disaster strikes, it can affect an area in many different ways. People have been evacuated from their cities and never returned. But a new program in Flagler County is aimed at getting victims back on their feet without having to move too far from home. Carol Fisher has spent nearly seven years building her business from the ground up. The BeachHouse Beanery and Café is on a prime piece of land looking out at the Atlantic Ocean in Flagler Beach. What if a natural disaster, like a tropical storm or hurricane, hits the area, though? “If we’re hit, we are going to be wiped out,” said Fisher, the owner of the BeachHouse Beanery. If Fisher’s business — and home — are indeed wiped out, what’s next? Like we’ve seen in past disasters, people move away and sometimes don’t come back…


Vanuatu climate change and disaster risk reduction policy out for public consultation

The Ministry of Climate Change and Natural Disasters, in consultation with other government agencies, provincial governments, civil society and other stakeholders, has developed a draft Vanuatu Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Policy. The project is supported by the United Nations Development Program and Australian Aid. The proposed policy document was released for public consultation on 30 January 2015…



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