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An Icy Blast From The Past

The Blower

The Blower

Identifying blizzards is one thing. Mastering them is another. In the middle of the century, Popular Science looked at vehicles that could best several feet of snow, and the drivers who performed theses feats. The Blower, covered by our magazine in December 1948, was a truck that cut through snow drifts and blasted them off to the side, clearing runways and roads by mechanically forcing snow elsewhere…


New Site Hopes to Reunite Lost Pets with Owners

Emergency PetMatcher Image source:

Emergency PetMatcher
Image source:

EmergencyPetMatcher, which White plans to launch when it’s next needed, allows users to create profiles for animals that are missing or found. The site then uses algorithms to sort details and pair up profiles that could be a match. Other users can then up-vote or down-vote the matches, leading to more accurate pairings…


24 quotes on climate change from Davos 2015

Davos15Below are some key quotes from the session Tackling Climate, Development and Growth at Davos 2015. The session is available to watch in full here…


Broken hearts are real: study finds loss of a loved one does lead to poor physical health

LOSING a loved one really can lead to a broken heart, new research has found. Traumatic life events such as bereavement can impact on physical as well as mental health, according to work led by Scottish researchers who found that losing a partner or family member does not just impact on levels of anxiety and depression, but also on health conditions – particularly heart disease. The survey of more than 1000 native Chinese living in Hong Kong also found conditions such as high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, eyesight degeneration and hearing loss are more likely in people who had experienced bereavement…



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