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How mobiles could aid disaster response

mobileThere are now more mobile phones in use than there are people in the world to use them – some 7.2 billion phones. Mobile phones are becoming integral parts of our lives, penetrating into areas of the developing world that lack much of the fixed infrastructure taken for granted elsewhere. This makes them an excellent potential source of information about population movements…


Resilience Series Part 2: Responding to Disaster [Video]

Twenty years ago, Loretta Harrison gave up her job as a medical librarian to pursue her true passion: making pralines, a New Orleans candy made of sugar and pecans, using a secret recipe handed down from her grandmother to her mother to herself. In starting Loretta’s Authentic Pralines, she encountered setbacks like any small business. However, her biggest challenge was when Hurricane Katrina devastated the Big Easy in August 2005. Her response to the tragedy was truly an inspiring example of resilience at work…


Building Resilience for Rural Communities

As in many rural communities in Africa, she and her family live in a fragile, disaster-prone area and depend on agriculture for their livelihood. When the rain comes too early, or too late, the desperate measures they resort to can further degrade their environment, exposing them to greater climate risk. Now Fatou’s life has changed for the better. Her village is one of 16 in the Koumpountoum community that qualified for innovative agricultural assistance from WFP and OXFAM America’s R4 Rural Resilience Initiative project, which supports the Senegal Government’s resilience policy…


Develop strategies at local level to tackle disasters, experts say

India’s vast resources in space technology such as INSAT and IRS satellites play a critical role in predicting natural disasters like droughts, flash floods, cyclones and snowstorms, said a speaker at an international conference in Chennai on Thursday.   Accurate forecast of disasters helped reduce their impact on human lives and property, said B Manickam, a research scholar from Bangalore University. He was speaking at an international conference on “Agro Biodiversity and 20 Years of World Trade Organization” held at Tamil Nadu Dr Ambedkar Law University…


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