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Lessons from the Sony breach in risk management and business resiliency

Sony breach

2014 made it clear that cybercrime affects everyone. From retailers to banks, consumer goods companies and health care, there isn’t an industry left untouched by cybercriminals looking to disrupt, steal or embarrass. So what has to change? The recent Sony attack and countless other examples point to the need for board members and executives to consider cybersecurity under the concept of risk management and business resilience…


Waiting for Godot: Bushfires, heat and climate change – a doctor’s compelling view from the #SAfires

godotIt was a very tense time for Dr David Shearman, Honorary Secretary of Doctors for the Environment Australia, with the fire front kilometres away from his home. It was also, he says, another timely and urgent reminder for the Federal Government that human health is fundamentally dependent on a stable climate and healthy environment and both should be public health priorities…


Is “resilience” the new sustainababble?

gardeningfriendsSuddenly, “resilience” is everywhere. It’s the subject of serious books and breezy news articles, of high-minded initiatives and of many, many conferences. After Superstorm Sandy, it was triumphantly plastered on city buses, declaring New Jersey “A State of Resilience.”…


‘Department of Disaster Management’ sought

MANILA, Philippines – A lawmaker proposed to create a distinct and separate Department of Disaster Management (DDM). Quezon City Rep. Winston Castelo noted that natural disasters such as typhoons, storm surges, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have become the “new normal” in the country. He explained that such disasters are “bound to happen in significant frequency” and that a separate body for planning course of action during such events is a necessity…



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