Resilience NEWS

Make 2015 the Year You Become More Resilient

Helicopter parenting and micro-managing leadership both move us towards learned helplessness and away from resilience. Truly caring for others means we support their growth and learning. Yet that attitude and behavior must begin with our belief in our own resilience, no matter what has happened in our past…


As it happened: Fires burn across Victoria, South Australia


Emergency warnings remain in place for parts of South Australia as fire fighters battle out-of-control blazes at Sampson Flat and Tantanoola. The South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS) said it would fight the fires throughout the night and has requested assistance from Victorian authorities. In Victoria, an emergency warning was issued for Moyston, Rocky Point and Willaura North but the Country Fire Authority (CFA) has since downgraded the alert to a watch and act. The majority of districts across both states are under a complete fire ban with conditions expected to remain unfavourable on Saturday…


Drought, plastic bags prompt new California laws

California’s historic drought prompted the Legislature into action in 2014, leading lawmakers to regulate groundwater for the first time and override homeowners associations that fine members for replacing lawns with more drought-tolerant landscaping. The most populous state also becomes the first to set a “yes means yes” standard for sex between college students and the first to ban single-use plastic bags, a law the plastic bag industry is seeking to overturn through a voter referendum…


County seeking input on avoiding disaster damage

The public is being asked to give its input to the update of a plan that will determine what projects over the next five years receive government funding to reduce the hazards of natural disasters such as hurricanes and flooding. The “Bay County Local Mitigation Strategy” is available for public review on the county’s website,, as well as at the Bay County Public Library for the next month…

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