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Japanese prosecutors likely not to indict former Tepco executives over Fukushima disaster: reports

Japanese prosecutors will likely decide again not to indict three former Tokyo Electric Power Co executives over their handling of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, according to local media, but a rarely used citizen’s panel could still force an indictment…


After tsunami recovery, Sharia law now defines Aceh province


There are hardly any traces left of the biggest natural disaster in Aceh’s history. Several of the ruined villages on the coast have been rebuilt. Modern residential blocks, new mosques, even freshly asphalted roads now cover the area. The markets are full again, the fishermen venture out to sea, and people work in the factories – as if the wave had never come. The wave that, on December 26, 2004, ended the lives of 160,000 people in Aceh alone…


Mexican insurers call for wider natural disaster coverage

The Mexican government needs to work with private insurers to reduce catastrophe losses in the country, Hugo Martínez, government relations director at AXA Seguros, told local daily El Economista. “The higher the participation of the insurance sector, the lower the funds required from the national disaster fund Fonden,” Martínez said. Mexico’s natural disasters accounted for almost US$50bn in losses in the last 30 years, placing the country among the 40 countries with highest economic losses derived from natural catastrophes, said El Economista, citing figures from the UN…


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