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Rising from disaster to be world reference in recovery


Ten years ago, we witnessed the overwhelming calamity from the Indian Ocean tsunami that destroyed most western coasts of Aceh and Nias Island. The same tsunami delivered its deadly impacts to at least 20 other nations around the Indian Ocean basin. This year, most survivors and their relatives will mark the day that separated them from their loved ones. Aceh has now fully recovered from the tsunami, at least physically. Most visitors can hardly identify the ruins of the tsunami here…


Major new report on how organisations coped with quakes

A major University of Canterbury report has found a high level of innovation and adaptability shown by hundreds of organisations in Canterbury following the earthquakes. National resilience experts and university researchers Dr Erica Seville and Dr John Vargo say many businesses had to relocate multiple times, had to deal with on-going disruption to infrastructure services and have had to cope with disrupted supply chains and changing customer demand. The report, Disruption and Resilience: How Organisations coped with the Canterbury Earthquakes, is part of research being done within the Economics of Resilient Infrastructure project. The report authors, Dr Seville and Dr Vargo are co-directors of the University of Canterbury’s Resilient Organisations group…


Fukushima and the institutional invisibility of nuclear disaster

Black smoke at Fukushima Daichi, 24th March 2011. Photo: deedavee easyflow via Flickr.

Black smoke at Fukushima Daichi, 24th March 2011. Photo: deedavee easyflow via Flickr.

The nuclear industry and its supporters have contrived a variety of narratives to justify and explain away nuclear catastrophes, writes John Downer. None of them actually hold water, yet they serve their purpose – to command political and media heights, and reassure public sentiment on ‘safety’. But if it’s so safe, why the low limits on nuclear liabilities?…



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