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Resilience eases homecomings for soldiers

Emotional hardiness, combined with social support, appears to shield returning soldiers from mental health problems and alcohol overuse. A new study surveyed 512 service members within 3 to 12 months of their return from deployment, and then within a year afterward. The findings show that “greater hardiness predicted several indicators of better mental health and lower levels of alcohol use 6-12 months later.” Post-deployment social support was also tied to better mental health and less post-traumatic stress symptom severity and alcohol and drug use…


How prepared is New York City for future superstorms? The question is far from settled

The network of New York City’s stormproofers. For a larger version of this image, click here. Illustration: Alistair Dixon/Guardian

The network of New York City’s stormproofers. For a larger version of this image, click here. Illustration: Alistair Dixon/Guardian

Two years after Hurricane Sandy – New York’s most devastating storm in a century – is the city any safer? That was the question with which I began this series, Stormproofing the City – to find the answer, I interviewed the people employed to prepare our cities for future natural disasters. Six interviews later, we have reached the series’ end – but I cannot give you a simple “yes” or “no”. Such a giant, multifaceted question demands more nuance than that. For instance, we may be safer from storms – but are we safe from heat waves? And we may have federal Sandy relief money to spend on resilience now – but what happens when that’s money’s gone? And is it even possible to fully stormproof a city?…


The Art of Perseverance: Why “True Grit” Is Key to Successful Workforce

When you hear words like “grit,” “determination” and “self-control,” what emotion does that conjure up in you? I’d be willing to guess that emotion wouldn’t be “positivity.” And yet, the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania is where MacArthur Foundation “genius” award winner Angela Lee Duckworth leads the research into how just those attributes of “grit” translate into greater success than talent or IQ…


Weather, Natural Disasters Increasingly Dominate News Networks

NEW YORK (AP) — The correspondent most frequently seen on either ABC, CBS or NBC’s evening newscasts this year doesn’t work out of the White House or some overseas trouble zone. It’s Ginger Zee, ABC’s chief meteorologist. Weather is a big element of local news, but a story about the elements once had to be extraordinary to warrant time on a national newscast. Now it’s routine, and not everyone considers that a change for the better…


Why the Case for Resilience Applies As Much to Ferguson as It Does to Hurricanes

Resilience, lately, is a term appropriated for whatever cause or side feels an exterior stress. We can look at the protestors in Ferguson opting to stay resilient in the face of a system that has devalued the lives of people of color. Even the police responders would see resilience a fitting term for their struggle to enforce the law and maintain order in an environment where their judgment is being constantly second-guessed…


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