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Detroit ranked safest city in the country (from natural disasters)

Photo by Joseph Wingenfeld, Flickr Creative Commons

Photo by Joseph Wingenfeld, Flickr Creative Commons

Sure, some folks say we ain’t the fairest of cities, and maybe we’ve won a Murder Cup or two, but when it comes to natural disasters, the Motor City is as safe and reliable as they come. At least according to the data geeks at who listed Detroit as the best place to be in the nation when natural disaster strikes or, you know, a boatload of rain comes through…


More than 100 feared dead after Indonesia landslide

Indonesian soldiers and rescue team members lift a cow trapped in the mud after a landslide hit the village of Sampang in Banjarnegara (Reuters)

Indonesian soldiers and rescue team members lift a cow trapped in the mud after a landslide hit the village of Sampang in Banjarnegara (Reuters)

More than 100 Indonesian villagers are feared to have died after a landslide triggered by torrential rain obliterated their rural community in Central Java. Rescue workers were using their bare hands to claw through thick mud in search of survivors on Saturday after Jemblung village was swallowed up by a cascade of earth at around 6pm the previous day. “It was like a nightmare,” a survivor called Wahono, told the Associated Press…


Mangroves and disaster resilience

As soon as it was known that Hagupit, the last but not the least typhoon that would hit the country this year, was barreling its way to the Visayas, “storm surge” warnings were up. Two years ago, “storm surge” was not in the country’s disaster lexicon, but it was introduced there by Yolanda, complete with illustrations on how lethal it was. Yolanda rewrote our typhoon playbook. It has increased this nation’s disaster IQ to the point that when a storm brews over the Pacific, the people on its forecast path already know the drill. Most now pack up without prodding, batten down windows without prompting, and troop to the nearest evacuation center without being told to…


Colorado Woman Invents Cardboard Shelters For Disaster Areas

The married Colorado Springs mother of two recently created the SadieShelter, a Lego-like hut named for her daughter that can quickly be constructed or taken down, that provides shelter and safety on the cheap. She recently established a crowdfunding website to build 200 of the structures with the intent of marketing them to nonprofit or human rights organizations tasked with offering emergency shelter in disaster situations. That’s our primary objective, to replace the crisis tent shelters that are currently distributed,” Skolnekovich said. The idea came in 2010, during her first assignment of an engineering class at Colorado State University at Pueblo. She needed to simply make something _ anything _ using cardboard, a problem she solved with the concept of a primitive cardboard shelter…


The politics of the Philippines’ vulnerability to natural disasters

rubyThe evacuation of thousands of at-risk households along the path of Super Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby) is prompting renewed interest in the role of infrastructure in disaster preparedness. By almost any measure, the Philippines is particularly vulnerable: The country is consistently near or at the top of the list for disaster mortality rates and economic damage. Previous research has highlighted the link between these disaster-related outcomes, the unlucky geography of the country and deficiencies in infrastructure linked to poverty and corruption…



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