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California cleans up after a strong Pacific storm kills at least one person and triggers mudslides

Photo: A large cloud gathers over the skyline of San Francisco, California. (Reuters: Robert Galbraith

Photo: A large cloud gathers over the skyline of San Francisco, California. (Reuters: Robert Galbraith

The clean-up has begun in Southern California after the strongest storm in years to hit the Pacific coast triggered a small tornado, flash floods and mudslides. The storm prompted the evacuation of hundreds of homes, damaged dozens of others and disrupted passenger rail services. One person was found dead on Friday in a rain-swollen flood-control channel, which could mark the third storm-related fatality on the West Coast since Thursday…


Complacency rules as Queensland makes risky edict on sea-level rise

Queensland Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney’s decision, revealed this week, to order a Brisbane council to remove future sea-level rise from its planning regulations seems a rather short-sighted thing to do. His directive, issued to Moreton Bay Regional Council in the city’s north, flies in the face of the overwhelming scientific consensus that average global sea levels will rise by 2100…


Forecasting of Natural Calamities

Stormscapes 2 is an arresting time-lapse of severe weather by Nicolaus Wegner. Source:

Stormscapes 2 is an arresting time-lapse of severe weather by Nicolaus Wegner.

India is vulnerable, in varying degrees, to a large number of hazards. More than 58.6 per cent of the landmass is prone to earthquakes of moderate to very high intensity; over 40 million hectares (12%) of its land is prone to floods and river erosion; close to 5,700 km, India’s 7,516 km, long coastline is prone to cyclones and tsunamis; 68% of its cultivable area is vulnerable to droughts; and, its hilly areas are at risk from landslides and avalanches…


Collaboration and innovation key to closing the global protection gap

The insurance industry has a crucial role in helping society manage risks, but considerable regional differences and protection gaps exist, according to Shaun Wang, Deputy Secretary General and Head of Research at the Geneva Association, and co-author of the Global Insurance Protection Gap report. For example, the magnitude seven earthquake that struck New Zealand in 2010 caused $6.5bn in damage, of which 81% was covered by insurance, according to the International Association of Insurance Supervisors. In contrast, when Haiti was hit by a similarly powerful quake in the same year, less than 1% of the $8bn total damage was covered by insurance…


Vanaski: Resilient in Pittsburgh? Now it’s official, with a chief to prove it

Pittsburgh has survived Snowmaggeddon, the Pirates being a largely lousy team for the entire adult lives of most of its fan base, and even the most nefarious efforts of some of our own elected leadership. Last week, the city was chosen as one of 100 Resilient Cities by the Rockefeller Foundation, which will provide an as-yet undetermined amount of direct funding to hire a chief resilience officer. According to its website, the goal of the program is to help cities deal with social, economic and physical challenges that face them. The foundation estimates the program also will offer indirect assistance that will “likely far exceed $1 million for each city.”…

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