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The swath carved through Brisbane on Thursday afternoon. Source: CourierMail

The swath carved through Brisbane on Thursday afternoon. Source: CourierMail


Is it time you exercised your “resilience muscle”?

In a recent report by Stephenson Mansell, the theory that resilience is becoming a critical requirement for leadership was tested by surveying over 130 executives from medium to large organisations. Stephenson Mansell also investigated the macroeconomic conditions which companies are facing in the current world of work as well as the most effective methods for developing resilience in leaders…


Typhoon Haiyan One Year On: CDAC Network Learning from the Humanitarian Response

Image: World Vision, 2014.

Image: World Vision, 2014.

This week the CDAC Network launched a new report that examines initiatives aimed at improving communication with communities, and their coordination in the humanitarian response to Typhoon Haiyan, the strongest typhoon ever recorded, which struck the Philippines in November 2013.   The Typhoon Haiyan Learning Review captures examples of good practice, gaps and suggestions for improvement in ‘communication with communities’ programming and coordination, and makes recommendations to OCHA (who funded the review), the CDAC Network and its Members and donors…


Brisbane storm: More severe weather expected this summer

stormBROKEN or falling glass and loose asbestos loom as the biggest health hazards as the massive clean-up in the wake of the supercell storm continues in Brisbane. A city-wide operation continued on Saturday to clear debris and repair damage, although residents of one street in the suburb of Fairfield have complained nothing is being done to remove large amounts of asbestos which has fallen on to the road. Brougham Street resident Gavin Jacobi said that despite a report to council, the asbestos was still on the street on Saturday morning and he was concerned it would become a hazard as it dries out…


Minister calls on farmers to be on high alert in cyclone season

Minister for Agriculture and Natural Disaster Management Inia Seruiratu

Minister for Agriculture and Natural Disaster Management Inia Seruiratu

Minister for Agriculture and Natural Disaster Management Inia Seruiratu has called on farmers to be on high alert as the country is entering its cyclone season. Seruiratu said farmers should be proactive as natural disasters can happen anytime. He said the ministry will also be giving advice to farmers during this period. Seruiratu said their main aim is to minimize the costs and risks. While opening the Asian Productivity Workshop on Financial Risk Analysis and Risk Management in Agribusiness, Seruiratu stressed the importance of the stakeholders working together…


Modi Seeks to Insure India’s Future

India’s Parliament is due to return to work today for the start of its winter session. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government will be trying to push through almost 40 different pieces of legislation designed to help realize the economic potential of the world’s second-most-populous nation. One of the most important bills lawmakers will consider is a long-delayed bill that would amend the existing insurance law, raising the limit on foreign ownership of insurance companies to 49% from 26%. The upper house rejected the bill in August, despite the fact that the party that controls that chamber was in charge of the previous government that introduced the bill. The bill now returns with what one can only hope is the blessing of a parliamentary committee…



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