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Faith groups divided over God’s role in climate change, natural disasters

Americans largely concur that God created the Earth. But when it comes to how he wants its environment treated, and how much he’s willing to intercede – the agreement ends. A new poll released Friday shows major differences between faith groups on topics including concern over climate change, whether natural disasters are a sign of Biblical end times and how deeply connected they feel to nature. White evangelicals are the most skeptical of climate change and the most likely to say recent natural disasters are a sign of Biblical End Times. Hispanic Catholics are, by faith affiliation, the most concerned about climate change, along with religiously unaffiliated Americans and black Protestants…


Insurers see rates falling up to 15 percent as competition bites

Competition in the global insurance market is driving commercial rates down by as much as 15 percent, senior industry participants said on Thursday, as some look to new products such as cyber insurance to boost revenues. Low yields in major markets have encouraged a move away from traditional insurance and towards insurance-linked securities such as catastrophe bonds, which offer a high return. Some hedge funds have also started offering reinsurance to share the insurance burden of hurricanes and other costly natural disasters, and their aggressive approach has stolen business from traditional players. A lack of natural disasters in recent years has also reduced global demand for insurance to protect property…


Businesses should plan for disaster

“Floods, tornadoes, hackers, Ebola … how do we protect our business?” You’ve been following the news and are rightfully concerned about these potential disasters. While you’ve listed some major catastrophes, you missed the most common disaster to hit a business: a simple hard-drive crash. A hard-drive crash can cause considerable, even irreparable, damage. I can tell you from experience that the loss of your company’s billing data can be a major blow. We once lost a month’s worth of data because we were lax in our back-up frequency. Luckily, we had paper backup and, after many hours of reconstruction, were able to re-create most of our missing receivables and billing data…


How can we better build disaster resilience?

Rachel Cardilo, 26, holds her son in their newly built home... Photo:REUTERS/Thin Lei Win
Rachel Cardilo, 26, holds her son in their newly built home…
Photo:REUTERS/Thin Lei Win

This week in Geneva, governments and their partners are finalising preparations for the post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction which will be adopted at the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai, Japan, next March. Ahead of the Nov.17-18 meeting, we interviewed Margareta Wahlström, the U.N. Special Representative for Disaster Risk Reduction, on how our understanding of disasters has evolved since the last framework was adopted in 2005, and what the new framework will look like…


Aberystwyth’s storms ‘resilience’ scoops it an award

Aberystwyth's prom was badly damaged in the winter storms - wrecking the Bath Rock shelter
Aberystwyth’s prom was badly damaged in the winter storms – wrecking the Bath Rock shelter

The “resilience” shown by a mid Wales town in the aftermath of last winter’s storms has won it an award. Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, has been named best town in the UK by a panel of architects, planners and developers. Its main contenders were Bury, West Sussex, and Beverley, East Yorkshire. “The town’s resilience in recovering from the winter storms exemplifies how its people are passionate about their home,” Tim Challans of the Urbanism Awards said…



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