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BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Resilience Dividend’

book coverResilience, as defined by Judith Rodin, the author of the important book “The Resilience Dividend: Being Strong in a World Where Things Go Wrong,” is the capacity of any entity, ranging from an individual, a corporation or a society, to pre-emptively prepare for sudden disruptions that were unpredicted, to recover from them and then to take advantage of new opportunities produced by the disruption for further growth and expansion…


5 charts that explain why it’s brutally cold in the U.S. right now


Call it Novembruary. Temperatures have cratered to record territory across much of the continental U.S. during the past week and a half, due to a chain reaction that stretched from the snow-covered wilderness of Siberia, across the Bering Strait, and into North America. How cold is it? Well, Minneapolis-St. Paul, which is no stranger to cold weather, is within reach of setting a record for the longest streak of sub-freezing November days, if it stays below 32 degrees Fahrenheit there through Nov. 25. This record dates back to 1880…


Experts discuss the additional burden women face in disaster zones

For every man who drowns in a flood, three to four women will die in the deluge. That stark statistic on the comparative gender impact of natural disasters was just one of many discussed during a two-day conference organized by the United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization (WMO), aimed in part at assessing how women and men are affected differently by climate change…


Living in Tough Environments Makes People More Prone to Belief in God

(Photo: Michael S. Yamashita/Corbis)

(Photo: Michael S. Yamashita/Corbis)

Human societies have evolved, over the course of millenia, thousands of forms of spiritual beliefs. Some worship nature; others a single all-powerful deity. For years, anthropologists, evolutionary ecologists and other scientists have puzzled over why these beliefs arose when and where they did, the Washington Post writes; recent research has shown that religious belief gives people an edge on survival—especially if they believe in moralizing deities who impose laws on human behavior. According to a new paper, however, there’s likely more to the story than this…


Sold-out ‘Doomsday-proof’ luxury apartments in Kansas missile silo are so popular architects are planning ANOTHER


A complex of $3million luxury apartments in a decommissioned missile silo have proved so popular that every last lot has sold – spurring on its survivalist owners to start on a second bunker. The ‘doomsday-proof’ homes, buried in rural Kansas, are designed for so-called preppers worried about nuclear war, natural disaster, disease – or any other variant on the apocalypse. According to the makers, the homes, slotted into a giant concrete pit that once held a nuclear-armed Atlas missile, will offer as much as five years of safe, comfortable living when civilization as we know it collapses…


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