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Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano erupts, as seen from 14,000 feet at 8:29 a.m. on Oct. 30, 2014.  (Via OVSICORI-UNA)

Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano erupts, as seen from 14,000 feet at 8:29 a.m. on Oct. 30, 2014.

Costa Rica emergency officials on alert following explosions, ash spewing at Turrialba Volcano

The Civil Aviation Administration issued a warning for all airplanes to avoid a 32-kilometer (20-mile) radius around Turrialba Volcano and up to an altitude of 5.8 km (19,000 feet). Costa Rica’s largest airport, Juan Santamaría International Airport, outside of San José, is not within the bonds of the preventive measures. No flights have been grounded or interrupted so far. Civil Aviation Director Álvaro Vargas said that additional measures could be adopted as the situation develops. Volcanic ash can affect the operations of an airplane’s motor and turbines…


UK’s £97 million supercomputer will predict the weather in your back yard

met-supercomputer-2014-10-28-01If someone asks you about UK weather, you can probably say “lousy” with about 75 percent accuracy. But the UK’s national weather service, the Met Office, needs a bit more precision than that, so it just purchased a £97 million ($156 million) Cray XC40 supercomputer. With 480,000 CPUs, the 140 tonne (154 ton) machine will run about 13 times faster than its current IBM system. It’ll also let the Met provide updates every hour, three times more often than it can now. All that speed will enable forecasts down to a resolution of 1.5km (1 mile), giving UK denizens the weather down to a specific London borough, for instance. It should also provide much better flood and wind warnings, along with more accurate fog, ice and snow reports for airports…READ ON


Federal Gov’t proposes to slash disaster relief funds – poll

THE Federal Government is proposing to slash funding contributions to the disaster relief scheme and their state counterparts are not happy. Vital Queensland infrastructure would either be left in ruins or ratepayers would be forced to pay huge repair bills if proposed changes to the Federal Government’s natural disaster relief scheme are approved. Community Recovery and Resilience Minister David Crisafulli said a draft proposal from the Productivity Commission which suggested slashing federal funding contributions by a third was unworkable…


Telstra, Motorola partner for emergency services spectrum

Telstra and Motorola have signed a deal that the companies say will further the development of the telco’s LTE Advanced Network for Emergency Services (LANES) capability, which is set to be trialled during the G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane in November. The LANES capability is expected to be “enhanced” by Motorola Solutions’ dynamic prioritisation, smart public safety applications, interoperability solutions, and public safety-optimised devices. Telstra announced earlier this month that it would allocate specific “lanes” of its network spectrum to emergency services on its 4G network in Queensland for the trial in Queensland next month…


Elders considered in disaster planning

The City of Windhoek celebrated the International Day for Disaster Reduction on Wednesday at the Katutura Old Age Home. The day was first celebrated in 2010 and the theme then was “My City is Getting Ready”. This year the City focused on the elderly under the theme “Resilience is for Life” which called upon society to acknowledge and recognise senior citizens as resources for resilience and ensure their equal participation in society building. Chief Executive Officer of City of Windhoek, Nilo Taapopi said that the celebration of the day was aimed at acknowledging the role played by elder person in all phases of disaster management, namely the prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery…

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