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Minneapolis Has a Plan for the Most Resilient Neighborhood in the Country (Photo by Michael Adams)

Minneapolis Has a Plan for the Most Resilient Neighborhood in the Country
(Photo by Michael Adams)

Tsunami alert

The ocean can be ruthless and unpredictable. Tsunamis strike without warning, taking thousands of lives. How can we spot an approaching wave in time to save people? Outside Setubal, Portugal, scientists from a European research project are testing a device that automatically detects a rising wave to alert people on the nearby beach. “We want to prove that measuring the sea level at a certain location, and analysing that data in real time, makes it possible to trigger an alert at a completely different point,” explained Alessandro Annunziato, head of European Crisis Management Laboratory, JRC…


Michigan building $22M emergency operations center

The state of Michigan has broken ground on a new $22 million emergency operations center in the Lansing area. Officials expect the building to open in November 2015 and say it will be “hardened” to withstand natural disasters so response efforts can be coordinated in emergencies. The state current’s emergency center is in leased space in Lansing. The Michigan State Police’s Emergency Management & Homeland Security Division says it will be easier and less expensive to install upgraded technology in the new center…


Minneapolis Has a Plan for the Most Resilient Neighbourhood in the Country

For Minneapolis, climate change will most likely lead to wetter, hotter years by mid-century, with annual temperatures rising as much as 5 degrees. Unfortunately, like most cities, its pipes, sewers and even electricity were laid for very different weather. Adapting could require the ability to disconnect from that grid — which is exactly what the planners of one futuristic neighbourhood propose to do…


South East Europe builds resilience to natural hazards

south euBrussels – A new cross-border multi-hazard early warning system will be developed in the Western Balkans and Turkey to increase resilience to floods, landslides, droughts and heat-waves which often hit the region and to build on the lessons learnt from the devastating floods of May 2014…


Operational Resilience – Not Just Technology Security- Drives Competitive Advantage

Dr. Eric Cole is an industry-recognized security expert with more than 25 years of hands-on experience. Dr. Cole is the founder and an executive leader at Secure Anchor Consulting where he provides leading-edge cyber security consulting services, expert witness work, and leads research and development initiatives to advance state-of-the-art information systems security. Dr. Cole was the lone inductee into the InfoSec European Hall of Fame in 2014. He is actively involved with the SANS Technology Institute (STI) and is a SANS faculty senior fellow and course author who works with students, teaches, and develops and maintains courseware…


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