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A rendering of Willoughby Spit, a peninsula of land in Norfolk, Va.

A rendering of Willoughby Spit, a peninsula of land in Norfolk, Va.


Building children’s social and emotional strength

Each year, when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, adults around the world resolve to better themselves in some way. As a child and adolescent psychiatrist and senior vice president and chief medical officer at Devereux, the nation’s largest not-for-profit behavioral health care provider, I also view the beginning of the new school year as an opportunity for new beginnings and betterment for children around the nation. With fall in full swing, and kids everywhere back in school, now is the perfect time for parents to build children’s social and emotional resilience…


New York’s Pace University Holds Disaster Preparedness Conference

Pace University in New York City held a conference Monday titled “Summit on Resilience: The Next Storm.” The event brought together corporate and foundation leaders and government representatives, providing a forum for discussion on lessons from Superstorm Sandy and strengthening urban resilience through public-private partnerships. The event draw some 120 attendees…


CFS volunteers refuse to fight Ceduna fire to protest against Emergency Services Levy hike

Photo: The Emergency Services Levy was originally implemented to pay for emergency response crews. (ABC News)

Photo: The Emergency Services Levy was originally implemented to pay for emergency response crews. (ABC News)

Country Fire Service (CFS) volunteers in South Australia have refused to fight a fire in protest against a rise to the state’s Emergency Services Levy (ESL). Two volunteers refused to respond to a call to fight at White Well near Ceduna on Tuesday. It followed concerns raised by farmers last month that a significant rise to the ESL this year had led to backlash against emergency workers with some rural employers reluctant to let their workers travel too far afield to fight fires…


Reinventing the language of coastal resilience

When Anuradha Mathur and Dilip da Cunha, professor and adjunct professor of landscape architecture, respectively, at Penn’s School of Design, were asked to devise strategies that would build resilience in the face of rising sea levels in Norfolk, Va., they felt compelled to depart from the idea that sea level rise is a problem that needs solving. Instead, Mathur says, they saw “an opportunity to move beyond the current imaging and imagining of the coast as a line.” The pair realized that such a radical idea could revolutionize the field of coastal planning…


Politicians urge schools to teach pupils ‘character, resilience and grit’

SCHOOLS are being urged to promote ‘character, resilience and grit’ so they can create well-rounded pupils. Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, above, recently announced a £5 million fund to help state schools offer a broader range of experiences to pupils. It could include debating competitions, sports coaching, theatre productions and musical instrument tuition. Much of the funding will be targeted at young people from disadvantaged backgrounds…



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