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Coming to Terms With One of America’s Greatest Natural Disasters

Documentary filmmaker Bill Morrison plunges us into the Great Flood of 1927.

This river is the story of a world

erased, a river widened and bent and widened again,

bearing away the past and carrying the future at the end

of one America and the beginning of the next.


In this tin roof America long gone—unreckoned and

unlamented, sunk to the rafters in fast black water,

chimneys awash and every coop and furrow submerged—

is the drowned history of our original American sin…


Hurricane Gonzalo blacks out most of Bermuda

gonzaloHurricane Gonzalo has roared through Bermuda, cutting power to most of its inhabitants and threatening floods. Emergency services are waiting for daybreak to assess the full damage wreaked by the second powerful storm to strike the island in less than a week. Strong winds and heavy surf continued after the eye of the hurricane moved north into the Atlantic, and tidal surges are still possible. Top wind speeds of about 175km/h (110mph) were reported. Bermuda, an affluent British overseas territory in the western Atlantic, frequently sees strong tropical storms…


We need to rethink resilience

resilience rethink

Resilience’ has become a policy buzzword in recent years, apparently important to everything from mental heath to national security, unemployment to climate change. Last year an all-party parliamentary group even called for resilience to be taught in UK schools in order to promote social mobility. Yet as Frank Furedi has recently noted, ‘despite all the acclaim heaped on the concept of resilience it is far from evident what it actually means’. Resilience, he observes, is ‘a highly contested concept’…


Disaster resilience should be integral to planning

Joint Collector and in charge Municipal Commissioner Pravin Kumar having a word with Assistant Director of Integrated Research and Action for Development Rohit Magotra. - Photo: K.R. Deepak

Joint Collector and in charge Municipal Commissioner Pravin Kumar having a word with Assistant Director of Integrated Research and Action for Development Rohit Magotra. – Photo: K.R. Deepak

Meticulous and integrated planning with an eye on the future and the safety of vulnerable population will make cities disaster-resilient even as they cope with growing urbanisation, a challenge one must face, Joint Collector and in charge Commissioner Pravin Kumar has said. In his keynote address at South India regional workshop on “Sustainable and disaster-resilient urban development” organised by Integrated Research and Action for Development (IRADe) and Union Ministry of Urban Development, he said development should be planned with minimum risks without compromising vulnerable population. As far as Visakhapatnam was concerned growing slums and habitations on hill-slopes pose a challenge…


International Day for Disaster Reduction: Preparedness saves lives. Prevention avoids losses

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Enabling communities to take measures to prevent a natural phenomenon from becoming a disaster is the best humanitarian investment. It is in our mandate, and in over 15 years of existence, ECHO’s disaster preparedness (DIPECHO) has done just that. In Latin America & the Caribbean, DIPECHO has worked since 1996 to reduce risk conditions in the event of disasters and contribute to increase people’s, communities’ and countries’ resilience in the region. More than 150 million Euros have been devoted to this aim in the region, reaching millions of Latin Americans with the involvement and participation of communities, emergency response agencies and authorities. What key lessons have emerged from this wealth of experiences? Watch this video to find out and read the report…



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