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Typhoon Vongfong: Japan

Typhoon Vongfong: Japan

After the Quake: Earliest Known Color Photographs of San Francisco

At 5:12 a.m. on April 18, 1906, an earthquake hit San Francisco. By today’s measurements, it would register at a magnitude of 7.8. Within four days, 80% of the city was utterly destroyed by the Earth’s upheaval and fire. Out of a population of 410,000, between one-half and three-quarters became homeless; up to 3,000 people died. Fires burned for four days and nights, causing the vast majority of the city’s devastation and destroying 25,000 buildings. Six months later, inventor Frederick Eugene Ives arrived in the ruins, carrying one of his creations: the photochromoscope, a very early color and 3D camera. Commercially available since 1897, Ives used the device to capture these four images, reproduced here as single frames, and in their original stereo pairs…


Typhoon Phanfone Sparks Japan Mudslide Fears

Typhoon Phanfone, Japan’s 18th typhoon so far this year, left the main island of Honshu early Monday afternoon, after making landfall early that morning near Hamamatsu City. The storm had been traveling up the Japanese island chain since early Sunday morning, inundating the islands of Okinawa, Kyushu and Shikoku with near record levels of rain and winds up to 144 km/hour. While Japan has averaged more than 11 typhoons per year between 1980 and 2011, this year’s typhoons have been particularly destructive…


Learning From Mount Ontake How To Survive An Eruption

A sudden pyroclastic flow erupted in Japan on September 27th, sending hikers fleeing to the dubious safety of mountain lodges. Here’s an update covering your questions on what happened, why we didn’t predict it, and what you could do to survive…


Research shows the behaviour of business leaders could be directly linked to their experiences in childhood

15-researchshowWhat makes a great leader? Effectiveness? Experience? Volcanoes? It might seem unlikely, but new research from a team of academics, including Raghavendra Rau, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Professor of Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School, suggests that experiencing a natural disaster at first hand during your early childhood can have a profound impact on your strategic and tactical decisions in later life…

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