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Tornado damage is seen in Wayne, Nebraska, in this image released by the Nebraska State Patrol.

Tornado damage is seen in Wayne, Nebraska, in this image released by the Nebraska State Patrol.

US, India partner on climate resilience

President Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi agreed to new partnerships to help improve climate change adaptation and planning on Tuesday. The new program, detailed in a joint statement by the U.S. and India, will help build up the two nations’ climate resilience by working on adaptation to extreme weather like drought and severe storms…


Wayne, NE mayor remembers community’s resilience one year after tornado

On October 4th, 2013, the east side of Wayne, Nebraska saw total devastation when an EF-4 tornado whirled through. The twister destroyed businesses, tossed farm equipment, and caused injuries. But not 24 hours later, the community had already begun to rebuild. “We’re a strong community, we’re a tight-knit community, and this wasn’t going to hold us down,” Wayne Mayor Ken Chamberlain said. Mayor Ken Chamberlain was there through it all, visiting businesses as they picked up the pieces. Chamberlain remembers that one of the things that kept him going most was the incredible can-do attitude of those business owners and employees…


Portland’s premature bid for a resilience officer: Editorial Agenda 2014

“Free” money is always a temptation. What could be better than a $1 million foundation grant to help ensure Portland has the know-how to recover swiftly from a natural disaster such as an earthquake? The grant would be from The Rockefeller Foundation, to whom a city bureau has submitted an application, and it would support a new position at City Hall: chief resilience officer…


Top 10 Characteristics of Resilient Professionals

professionalThere are many aspects of life that fall outside of our control. Our daily experience delivers the unexpected, the unwanted, the fun, the challenging and the joyful. Attempting to control the world is always going to be futile. Yet there is one common factor within the ever-changing Universe that you can rely upon. You. You are always at choice as to how you respond to any situation, event or person. It is a skill that can be taught, practiced and learnt. That skill is Professional Resilience…


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