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Dr. Lori Peek discusses the way children and youth deal with and respond to natural disasters at the LSC theater. (Photo Credit: Megan Fischer)

Dr. Lori Peek discusses the way children and youth deal with and respond to natural disasters at the LSC theater. (Photo Credit: Megan Fischer)

Colorado State professor Lori Peek talks natural disasters impact on children

Colorado State University professor and researcher Dr. Lori Peek gave a presentation on Tuesday night about the impact of natural disasters on children and youth. It is the third installment of the President’s Community Lecture Series that are set to occur twice a semester, covering various topics. Peek is a natural disaster researcher, focusing on populations that are vulnerable to natural disasters. She noted that she shifted her focus to specifically children and youth, and she attributes this shift to the Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005…


Research helps build resilience to disaster

Older people sometimes cope better than young people, but everyone’s needs must be identified in an emergency. The tools that communities need after natural disasters like floods, storms, and earthquakes were outlined in a Resilient Communities Summit at the Rangitane Cultural Centre, Grovetown, Blenheim, yesterday. The presentation followed two years researching how older people and their communities manage and recover after extreme events. It was part of a Good Homes programme, finding ways for senior citizens to stay independent longer to enrich communities and reduce costs to the health system. Science and Innovation Ministry public policy research principal Dr Bev James, who helped co-ordinate the study, said a lot of older people were “quite resilient”. Life skills left them more than able to help themselves and the people around them when they found themselves “on the spot” in an emergency…


Dashain brings no joy to landslide victims

SURKHET, OCT 01 – In the aftermath of natural calamities such as flood and landslides that have ravaged a number of settlements in the district over the past month while displacing thousands of people, the victims say they are in no mood for Dashain festive celebrations. Moreover, as it has been decided that compensation will be provided to the victims of such natural disasters only after Dashain, it has become certain that the festivities this year will not be the same for them…


Is Bengaluru civic body equipped to handle crises? asks corporator

Flooding in Bengaluru

Flooding in Bengaluru

Bengaluru: Jayamahal ward corporator M.K. Gunashekar demanded to know if the BBMP is equipped to tackle natural disasters like the recent flooding in the city after heavy rains. During a subject meeting at the BBMP Council on Monday, he asked what were the measures the BBMP had taken before the arrival of monsoon and if the officials were trained to solve the crisis. “In how many wards have BBMP officials taken up intensive cleaning drives and de-silting? Were the vents in storm water drains cleaned? Not just the corporators, even the mayor is not trained to deal with disaster management. We don’t have executive and financial powers. What are the BBMP officials doing,” he asked. He criticised the Town Planning Department for giving permission to construct new buildings in low-lying areas and slammed the junior officials for not responding to corporators’ complaints…



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