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Sweden’s king visits ‘tragic’ forest fire scene

Sweden’s King Carl Gustaf XVI headed to central Sweden on Wednesday as a massive forest fire scorched its way into day seven. French water bombing planes finally took off in the late afternoon. The king arrived in Ramnäs, near the scene of the fire, on Wednesday afternoon. “I feel for all those affected,” he told reporters on the scene. “This is a tragedy.” “I’m always trying to keep up to date on what’s happening in this country, and when I realized it was more than just an ordinary fire I decided to come up here.” On Tuesday, he acknowledged that the fire was one of the largest in modern times…


Deadly floods return to Serbia and Bosnia

bosnia floods againAt least one person has reportedly been killed as floods hit Serbia and Bosnia, three months after heavy flooding killed almost 80 people in the region. The latest floods, caused by heavy rains, have damaged roads, bridges and hundreds of homes in western Serbia and in central and northern Bosnia. Floods in the same area in May affected nearly two million people and caused billions of euros of damage. Many of the victims criticised the official response at the time. Local media in Serbia say a man, aged 65, drowned after floodwaters swept through his home in Banja Koviljaca, in the west of the country…


Vice-Chancellor of University of Northampton Nick Petford presents TV documentary ‘World’s Worst Natural Disasters’

The University of Northampton’s Vice Chancellor Nick Petford presented one of the most significant natural disasters of all time in a TV documentary on Wednesday. The More4 programme, entitled World’s Worst Natural Disasters, listed the world’s top ten most significant natural catastrophes, revealing the key moments that turned natural phenomena into disasters. The documentary was been made using eyewitness video, historical archives and cutting-edge CGI, and the list featured deadly tsunamis, tornados, volcanos, earthquakes and diseases. Professor Petford, a leading Volcanologist, introduced the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa…


Deadly Indian landslide may have been a man-made disaster

A resident looks at the debris of her damaged house after a landslide at Malin village in the western Indian state of Maharashtra July 30, 2014. REUTERS/Stringer

A resident looks at the debris of her damaged house after a landslide at Malin village in the western Indian state of Maharashtra July 30, 2014. REUTERS/Stringer

A landslide in western India that has killed more than 100 people and left scores missing may have been a man-made disaster caused by deforestation to make way for farming, experts say. Hopes of finding survivors are fading after heavy rains triggered Wednesday’s landslide, burying dozens of homes in the village of Malin in India’s Maharashtra state. While the blame falls on India’s crucial yet often deadly monsoons – which annually trigger landslides and floods – geologists and environmentalists said the tragedy was avoidable…


India-Japan effort

Over 50 Indian and Japanese researchers are building an information network for natural disaster mitigation and recovery in India.   Started in 2010, the five-year DISANET project is in its final stages. Pilot testing is scheduled to begin in two months on Chennai’s Marina Beach. Due to end in March 2015, the Rs 35 crore project is co-funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency and Japan Science and Technology Agency…



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