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TC Carolos 2011. Source:
TC Carolos 2011. Source:

Tracy Marshall case: missing woman’s body found three years after Tropical Cyclone Carlos hit Karratha

Tracy Marshall, 35, was being treated for depression when she left a Karratha hospital on February 21, 2011. The former high school teacher’s unoccupied car was found later that morning 47 kilometres east of Karratha as the region was bracing for Severe Tropical Cyclone Carlos. A search involving a helicopter, police officers and the State Emergency Service (SES) failed to locate her. Last month, a man conducting maintenance on power lines close to where her car was found stumbled across a human skeleton lying in scrubland…


America’s top 10 most disaster-prone states


When natural disasters like last year’s massive Colorado floods strike, it causes some pause for thought among producers. According to Carole Walker, executive director of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, the flooding that affected much of the state served to increase awareness of corresponding insurance coverage among independent agents and brokers…


$147m worth of damage to region’s roads between 2010 and 2013

DAMAGE: Somerset Regional Council mayor Graeme Lehmann inspects damage to Patrick Estate Rd at Patrick Estate.
DAMAGE: Somerset Regional Council mayor Graeme Lehmann inspects damage to Patrick Estate Rd at Patrick Estate.

NATURAL disasters in the Ipswich and Somerset region over the past four years have caused $147 million worth of damage. Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson told parliament the floods and landslides forced the closure or restricted access of 360km of road. Mr Emerson said the unprecedented natural disaster events that hit the region between 2010 and 2013 had a significant impact on the Ipswich and Somerset local government areas. The damaged roads range from highways to busy rural streets. “More than 60km of state roads were damaged, 12 bridges and other structures required repairs, and landslips and scours meant earthworks and batter repairs were needed at a further 38 locations,” he said…


Building Resilience Through Public-Private Partnerships

The Conference Board of Canada’s National Security and Public Safety team has been examining the issue of resilience to terrorism through a number of activities. One key theme that has emerged is the need for strong public-private partnerships. While the public sector has the mandate to combat terrorism, the private sector can contribute through a range of supporting activities. More cooperation between the public and private sectors would result in a greater range of tools, resources, and approaches being brought to bear in the fight against terrorism, helping us to build resilience…


Pangasinan disaster plan, a model of resilience

LINGAYEN — Residents and community leaders involved in disaster management from various towns gathered here recently and reviewed the province’s disaster plan, which had become a model in disaster resilience by other provinces. The forum, conducted by the office of Senator Aquilino Pimentel III in partnership with the Provincial Government here, sought to instill in the minds of the people the useful information on basic protection, operations, and first aids in times of calamities. Citing the Provincial Government’s disaster preparedness, Pimentel said the Province’s enthusiasm and concern for awareness in disaster risk reduction and management is a great example for other provinces to follow. Pimentel said the activity, which aimed to infuse into the minds of the public the importance of calamity awareness, was a repetition of important messages for them to have automatic action in times of disaster and be able to save not only their lives but also the lives of others…


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