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The Competition for Disaster Relief Funds Heats Up

East Coast Begins To Clean Up And Assess Damage From Hurricane Sandy

When you think of disaster relief, the words that probably come to mind are EMTs and paramedics, FEMA, and the Red Cross. But for President Obama, it’s competition, resiliency, and natural disasters. These words — together — form his new plan to help with disaster relief. While that may sound a bit odd, it encourages state and local governments to compete for natural disaster relief funds from the federal government. With $1 billion at stake, Obama challenged communities to create sustainable plans to rebuild and reboot their communities…


Toughening up: How to increase your resilience in challenging times

Economic uncertainty, cost pressures, external competition, and the fast-paced nature of emerging technology are taking their toll on corporate executives all around the globe. As a result, many business leaders are facing unprecedented amounts of stress, anxiety, unhappiness, and poor health. Since this decreased productivity can result in lost revenue and profits, HR professionals must learn to develop resiliency and face the demands of corporate life with strength and adaptability. Researchers have identified three primary dimensions that constitute the trait of resiliency:..


Better Business Bureau: Be Careful When Hiring Disaster Repair Services

DO YOUR HOMEWORK WHEN HIRING DISASTER REPAIR SERVICES Abilene, TX- June 12, 2014 – The Better Business Bureau reminds those who experience storm damage to take certain precautions when cleaning up and making repair decisions. Natural disasters like this thunderstorm can bring out the best in people, as strangers reach out to help others in need. Unfortunately, crises also bring out persons who choose to take advantage of the victims. Some of the most common “after-disaster” scams involve your auto, home and yard repairs or clean-up. Your Better Business Bureau offers the following tips to homeowners who suffer auto and property damage in the wake of a natural disaster…


Resilience – How to cope when everything around you keeps changing

‘Liggy’s book shows how to avoid life’s ‘Doomerang’ by bending adversity into opportunity for personal growth and enrichment. I found ‘Resilience’ a powerful and rewarding read after a personally traumatic year. Buy it, read it and learn how to dig deeper’ – Dr Gordon McGlone OBE…


Natural disaster management

By now almost all the advanced nations have been at guard to avert disaster caused by natural calamities, but climate change has enhanced the frequency of terrific cyclones, typhoons and tsunami like storms ravaging entire socio-economic life of the effected countries. This has compelled the countries to undertake forward looking strategies to combat ill effects of climate change, which mainly is the outcome of pollution caused on the globe particularly by emerging and developing economies for lack of safe guards undertaken by their governments relating to pollution management particularly for disposal of industrial waste…



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