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Haiyan Six Months On: A Promising Start on the Long Road to Recovery


Six months after one of the strongest tropical storms ever recorded on earth slammed into the Philippines last November, killing more than 6,200 people and displacing over 4 million, the physical signs of recovery are increasingly visible. The Philippines authorities at all levels and affected communities have played a powerful role, both in the immediate response to the disaster, which included successfully evacuating hundreds of thousands of people to safety, and in spearheading recovery. Roads have been cleared, over 120,000 households have received help to rebuild, with 15 percent of homes now repaired, and nearly all the damaged schools and hospitals have re-opened…


Serbia and Bosnia floods: More than 30 dead, thousands evacuated after days of record rainfall

Photo: Soldiers have deployed huge amphibious vehicles to rescue hundreds of people in Obrenovac. (AFP: Alexa Stankovic)

Photo: Soldiers have deployed huge amphibious vehicles to rescue hundreds of people in Obrenovac. (AFP: Alexa Stankovic)

More than 30 people have died in the worst floods to hit Serbia and Bosnia in more than a century, with thousands evacuated from towns still under threat from rising rivers. Thousands of volunteers joined soldiers, police and firefighters in building flood barriers made of sandbags in the Serbian capital Belgrade and the western town Sabac. The Sara River hit its highest recorded level in Serbia, the army said, rising at a rate of three centimetres per hour after several days of the heaviest rainfall in almost 120 years. Authorities in Serbia said they would not give a death toll for the town of Obrenovac, with a population of about 30,000 people, until the waters had receded and the extent of the damage was clear. Soldiers have deployed huge amphibious vehicles to rescue hundreds of people crammed into a primary school in the town, 30 kilometres south-west of Belgrade…


Help Those Hit By The Floods! Together We Can Beat This!

Novak Djokovic (4-R) poses for a photo with a banner reading "#support Serbia and Bosnia"SEVERE floods have struck the people in Serbia and Bosnia these days, leaving thousands of children homeless, without food, water, warm and dry clothes. Roads and bridges are flooded and destroyed by the worst flooding in history. Schools and kindergartens have been shut down. 100,000 homes in Serbia and Bosnia respectively are left without power, while rain-swollen rivers and surging water course through towns and villages, overflowing across streets into homes, causing landslides and other disasters. The situation is so dramatic, that the entire families have lost their homes in the floods. Finding a shelter is a real adventure for many. The number of victims drowned in these floods is on the rise…


Residents encouraged to take steps now to prepare for Atlantic hurricane season

WASHINGTON – With less than one month until the start of the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season on June 1, now is the time to prepare. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) urges Americans to prepare their families and businesses for hurricanes and tropical storms by writing a communications plan, making a kit of essential items and being prepared for any potential financial impacts of such events, including reviewing their insurance policies with an insurance agent…


The Resilience Centre helps town in Gloucestershire generate own energy

The Resilience Centre has created a blueprint for community energy by establishing the UK’s first scalable, crowd-funded, renewable energy project, powering 300 homes and reinvesting more than 70% of all financial returns in the community. Community energy could be 90 times its current size while reducing energy bills by increasing competition, according to think-tank ResPublica. In Germany, community energy accounts for 46% of all renewable energy, yet in the UK, this is 0.3%. In order to create more interest, cut emissions and keep the lights on for future generations, the UK government introduced a Community Energy Strategy in 2014…



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