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‘Cyber resilience’ is the new boardroom priority

cyber resilience

Traditional cyber security is now inadequate for today’s threat landscape and must be superseded by ‘cyber resilience’, demanding more vigorous action from company boardrooms. This was the main message of a panel of industry experts at the international cyber summit hosted by IT Governance in London on 8 May. The event, ‘New Standards in the Global Cyber War’, was symbolically held at the Churchill War Rooms…


The importance of building reputational resilience ahead of the GDPR

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A data loss incident can happen at any time and is never convenient. Whether the cause is internal action or external attack, law firms need to ascertain what they can do proactively to mitigate the risk of data loss. If such an event does occur, proven and tested processes need to be in place for the firm to deal with the issue alongside its day-to-day operations. If a law firm is unable to demonstrate that it has taken all reasonable steps to protect its systems, not only will it be breaching regulatory obligations, but reputations will also be at risk…


Govt plans to prepare districts for disasters

City authorities plan to survey 12 districts in an effort to evaluate all the communities and towns in Shanghai by 2015 for their risk of being hit by a natural disaster, according to a report on the local news portal Sunday. The Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, the Shanghai Municipal Civil Defense Office and the office of emergency management organized an event to promote disaster prevention ahead of the Day for Natural Disaster Prevention and Reduction Monday, according to the website’s report. The authorities vowed to inspect and evaluate all of the towns and communities in the city on how much risk they face falling victim to a natural disaster…


Latest Findings on Disaster Resilience: From Burma to California via the Rockefeller Foundation

As the report notes, “a balance of bonding, bridging and linking capitals is important of social and economic stability as well as resilience. It will also play a large role in a community’s ability to reduce their risk of disaster and cope with external shocks as they play a role in resource management, sustainable livelihoods and coping strategies.” In fact, “social capital can be a substitute for a lack of government intervention in disaster planning, early warning and recovery.” The study also notes that “rural communities tend to have stronger social capital due to their geographical distance from government and decision-making structures necessitating them being more self-sufficient.”…


Climate Change Resilience Project in Bangladesh

bangladesh 1Imagine walking 7 km every day to collect 15L of safe water for your family. Imagine that you might need to tie up your small children so that they don’t drown in the ponds that surround your village while you are away collecting the water. This type of dilemma is faced by thousands of women across the coastal areas of southern Bangladesh. The men also face difficult decisions – which food crops will tolerate the increasingly salty conditions, how will they provide clean water to their livestock, how will they get to market to buy the staple food products that they previously had grown locally but can no longer grow?..