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Raising your resilience levels at the workplace

resilience_and_workResilience is an increasingly prized asset for individuals, teams and organisations. To be resilient at work, individuals need to develop a range of positive habits, both psychologically (e.g., taking the time to think things through) and physiologically (e.g. getting enough sleep). Utilising these strategies can help individuals to not just avoid stress and burnout, but also face challenging situations, learn from these experiences and keep pressure positive. We seek to understand resilience from both an individual and organisational perspective. Specifically, how developing “resiliency” can improve and enhance an individual’s experience at work, as well as helping to create happy, productive and engaged teams and organisations…


Hope, Resilience and Thor

Can resilience be taught? As a parent of a teen with significant developmental disabilities, I don’t feel like I have much of a choice but to be resilient, but it turns out the answer is yes, according to Dr. Andrew Shatte, the keynote speaker at The Help Group’s Advance LA Resilience Conference held last Friday at the AJU. Shatte, who is a Professor at the College of Medicine at University of Arizona, and Co-author of book, The Resilience Factor, told the parents and professionals attending the annual conference that people who are more creative and flexible problem solvers have a larger capacity for hope than those who think there is only one solution to a given problem…


Planners, experts meet to enhance relief efforts

Japan – A natural and human disaster expert met with Marine Corps planners and executors of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations, as well as Japan Self-Defense Force liaison officers, May 1 on Camp Courtney to further their base of knowledge and help prepare for potential HADR operations. Tetsuo Takashima, an author and natural and human disaster expert, led the meeting, which offered insight into the role of the Marine Corps during HADR operations across the Asia-Pacific region…


Photography Exhibit Showcases May 2013 Storms, Oklahomans’ Resilience

Leadership Square isn’t where you’d expect to find an art gallery. It’s a glass-enclosed plaza with water fountains in downtown Oklahoma City where business people take their lunch breaks. But that’s just where Steve Boyd from the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center showed up last week to start hanging photographs. “This one on the right is a mother and daughter, and I guess this was right after Plaza Towers,” Boyd said. “And she was carrying her daughter home. And some people might look at that and think it’s sad. I think it’s pretty powerful and strong.” Boyd curated this exhibit called Not Just Another Day in May. He says it was difficult narrowing down all the submissions he received…


The 10 Most Resilient Cities In The World

How well are they doing so far? A new report scores 50 cities both for their “vulnerability” (for example, to climate change) and their “adaptive capacity” (their ability to react), producing an overall “resilience” ranking. And, in fact, the news for North America isn’t bad–as long as you believe the rankings. The top three cities are Canadian (Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary), and six of the top 10 are from the U.S. (led by Chicago and Pittsburgh in fourth and fifth places, respectively)…

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