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Drone Captures Path Of Destruction Left By Arkansas Tornado

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At least 18 people were killed this weekend when a string of tornados ripped through Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Iowa. Arkansas was hit particularly hard by the storm, with at least 16 dead and more than 100 injured. Photojournalist Brian Emfinger used a drone equipped with a camera to capture a shocking view of a tornado’s path of destruction from above. The footage provides an aerial tour of Mayflower, a small town of fewer than 2,000 residents…


Abbott to launch inquiry into natural disaster funding

A WIDE-RANGING inquiry will be launched into Australia’s natural disaster funding systems, the Abbott government announced on Monday. The Productivity Commission inquiry will examine the sustainability and effectiveness of the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements, among other issues. At its centre will be a focus on risk management efforts taken by property owners, potential changes to improve disaster recovery arrangements and new mitigation models. Justice Minister Michael Keenan said the inquiry already had the backing of state and territory governments and the local government sector…


Stark divide between city and country

VICTORIAN kids from struggling rural areas are 10 times more likely to be subject to child abuse and commit crimes than richer city children, new figures show. A stark divide between the health, wellbeing and safety of young people from disadvantaged rural areas and their wealthier city peers is revealed in new figures from the State Government. Social experts say the ­decline in manufacturing compounded by successive natural disasters and the tyranny of distance have hit regional towns hard. This has sent the rates of child abuse, teen pregnancy, family violence and youth crime spiralling…


Meet the inspiring vets battling to save the lives of animals caught up in natural disasters

They have teams ready to come to the aid of animals caught up in natural catastrophes at four days’ notice. BBC Two asked me to join them. I’d done a series called Front Line Medicine about doctors treating British troops in Afghanistan. This was very different. I’d never been involved in veterinary work before, and that was part of the attraction. I was curious to see what vets have to do in these situations, as opposed to what medics do…


Climate adaptation advice for cities in global South

Urban centres in developing countries often have to make difficult decisions on how much expenditure to allocate to development versus climate change adaptation, but the report’s authors say a successful balance can be achieved with clear policy direction, committed and informed staff, knowledge, and of course money…

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