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Resilience as a metaphor

oak-and-reedWhat all of these extraordinary people have in common is resilience. Psychologists define resilience as the ability to bounce back from hardship and to carry on. It is a priceless commodity, for those individuals who possess it are rich beyond measure while those who do not remain poor in the face of material wealth. Tragedy, accident and disease form a community of souls and at some time or another we will all gain citizenship. How we fare in this new community will largely depend on our individual resilience…


The Importance of Grit


Today, more than ever, it is important that we teach our kids about the importance of resiliency, which relates to effort and the ability to persevere despite challenges or obstacles. That’s true in school, but even more so in the real world where problems can be very complex. Unlike television, problems aren’t neatly solved in a 30 or 60 minute time frame. In real life, closure doesn’t necessarily come at the end of the show, end of a class period or end of a semester. Therefore, it’s critical that resiliency be developed, fostered and encouraged throughout the school years so that our kids have the skills in their lives once they complete school…


Hagel Calls Chile’s Disaster Responses ‘Model for Region’

WASHINGTON, April 16, 2014 – In a Pentagon meeting with Chilean Defense Minister Jorge Burgos Varela today, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel commended the minister for Chile’s response to recent natural disasters.Chilean Defense Minister Jorge Burgos talks with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, foreground, during a meeting at the Pentagon, April 16, 2014. The two leaders discussed issues of mutual importance. DOD photo by Marine Corps Sgt. In a statement summarizing the meeting, Pentagon Press Secretary Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby said Hagel noted that Chile’s national disaster response capabilities are a model for the entire region. Two earthquakes struck Chile’s northern coast earlier this month, and wildfires that have raged in recent days in the port city of Valparaiso. Hagel and passed on his condolences for the victims of the natural disasters, Kirby said…


Link Between Resilience and Career Success to Be Captured in New Study

The first major study linking personal resilience, gender and career success will help determine how and why some men and women get to the top. Much work has been done on the subject of resilience, but there’s scant evidence available on whether resilient men and women behave in the same way regarding situations and scenarios, from living and working through a large scale economic crisis to everyday office politics or family issues. Following interviews with a number of respected business leaders providing insight into the issue, a survey is to be carried out by Sarah Bond of for business sake in partnership with Dr. Gillian Shapiro of Shapiro Consulting. This will seek the views of as many women and men as possible – aiming for at least 1,000 respondents – on the importance of resilience in the workplace…


Fujitsu 3D tsunami simulator predicts watery disasters as it unfolds

3D tsunami simulator

3D tsunami simulator

The massive Touhoku earthquake of 2011 was one of the worst natural catastrophes that happened to Japan as of late. Not only did it cause major damage inland, but the tsunami that followed after the quake led to what is now infamously known as the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Fujitsu, in wake of this tragic event, proposed a research project with Touhoku University the following year, in 2012. This research detailed the implementation of a new preventive measure that could significantly mitigate damage caused by such natural disasters. Two years later, Fujitsu finally announced today the development of a high-precision 3D tsunami simulator, which can be used to observe and predict potentially damaging major surges of water from various natural sources…


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