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Resilience Awards bounce back

01Applications are now being received for the 2014 Resilient Australia Awards. Minister for Justice, Michael Keenan said the awards provided a rare opportunity to highlight the work being done across the nation to improve disaster resilience. “They acknowledge the valuable contribution of all sectors, from community groups and private industry to our emergency management volunteers,” he said Mr Keenan said last year more than 170 applications were received nationally featuring a wide variety of projects covering areas such as community self-reliance, mental health, educational and training resources, emergency broadcasting, forecast and warning systems and a volunteer developed multi-Agency communications platform…


Can We Make Cities Invisible to Earthquakes?

Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands

One of the things we know about earthquakes is that they operate as low-frequency acoustic waves passing through solid media. And four French geologists have discovered that the acoustic waves that cause earthquakes, like most waves, are subject to refraction—they can potentially be distorted, blurred, and misdirected. So can they be distorted, blurred, and misdirected in such a way that they pass harmlessly (or, at least, less harmfully) through a city by use of a seismic cloak?..


Is Your Hospital Prepared for Disaster?

The Federal Government has proposed new emergency preparedness requirements for more than 68,000 hospitals and nursing homes that participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs. Citing the devastating effects of recent natural and man-made disasters (September 11, anthrax attacks, Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy), the Office of the Federal Register has concluded that many healthcare systems are not prepared enough for another. And the fact is: more natural disasters will strike…


Grosvenor: Manila not quite disaster-resilient

The British property consultancy firm Grosvenor Group ranks Manila among the five least resilient cities in the world in terms of coping with disasters. Also on the list are Mumbai in India, Cairo in Egypt, Jakarta in Indonesia, and Dhaka in Bangladesh. The Grosvenor Group says these cities are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change because of poor infrastructure, poverty, and environmental degradation…


Natural disasters kill 74 in first quarter

Baku-APA. Natural disasters across China have claimed 74 lives and 4 people are missing in the first quarter this year, authorities announced on Wednesday, APA reports quoting Xinhua. Affecting more than 12 million people, disasters forced the evacuation of 98,000, according to a statement by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the National Commission for Disaster Reduction. Disasters caused direct economic losses of 900 million U.S. dollars and affected more than 1.73 million hectares of farmland, the statement said…

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