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Natural disaster major threat to Pacific economies

1THE relationship between natural disasters and economies was highlighted at the Second Pacific Regional Meeting of Ministers of Energy and Maritime Transport in Nadi. Fiji’s Minister for Labour Jone Usamate said the cost of these disasters to Pacific economies especially infrastructure is large and often unsustainable. “Unexpected events and natural disasters bring destruction to our communities and negatively impact our economic growth and sustainable development as Pacific people,” Mr Usamate said. “Pacific people share many development problems that are common to all of us problems in the areas of energy and transport services however we are still confident that we can seek and find solutions to our development problems,” Mr Usamate said…


These Brilliant Disaster Shelters Were Inspired By Teepees And A Coffee Cup

innovation and creativity where most needed

innovation and creativity where most needed

It all started with a coffee cup. After Hurricane Katrina displaced thousands of people–sending some as far away as Houston–designer Michael McDaniel started thinking about how to design a better disaster shelter. His solution, the Exo Housing System, was inspired by a morning cup of coffee…


Entrepreneurship is Not a Resilience Strategy

The government’s woefully inadequate response at every level in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina revealed its general approach to the recovery effort: sit back and let private enterprise and nonprofits do as much as possible and then, in select cases, step in and provide services when needed. Eight years later, we see manifestations of this approach that lets private interests run amok in New Orleans’ privatized school system, a radical cut in the city’s public housing stock, the demolition of Charity Hospital to make way for a biomedical district and rampant gentrification…


The Heart of Urban Resilience is Trust, Not Technology

A few weeks ago, my family and I drove from London to my family home in the southwest of Britain. We were forced to drive because the train line that we normally rode, and that runs alongside the stunning coastline outside the Devon city of Exeter, had fallen into the sea during the terrible storms of January. It is a uniquely picturesque stretch of coast: The track curls around bluffs and coves, and was first built by the quintessential Victorian engineer Isombard Kingdom Brunel…


Data Management in Times of Disaster

1When natural disaster strikes – be it a flood, an earthquake or a tsunami – every second counts. Just as emergency teams must be ready to go in a moment’s notice so must critical data management systems. This important topic, an essential element of civil protection around the world, is the focus of a research paper, recently published in the Geophysical Research Abstracts…

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